The Power of Prayer 5/12/14

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happy Lunes fambam!

This week-

Monday: We had a super Pday with president and Hermana Glazier. They made us taco salad which is a luxury for us!

Tuesday: We invited Cristian to be baptized. And he said yes! (Oh! and little tidbit. Do you remember the Lopez family from my last area who were a miracle find for us? They got baptized and Cesar went through his surgery safely! So happy for themmm!)

Wednesday: We had a special dinner at the bishop´s house with the Fam Allala

Thursday: Experience with Xenia on the bus (see below)

Friday: An amazing zone conference that focused on teaching with love, contacting with the Spirit, and hastening the work by working with members.

Saturday: I had an interchange with my mamita Hermana Dumay the other day and it was interesting to talk about the things we have learned since we were last together, when i was a little greenie!
Sunday: Mothers Day! It was great to see everyone ayer. Lookin good family!
Mom, now that you cut your hair, you and Aunt Laura are undistinguishable. Both beauties!
Casey, youre baby is growing so fast! And I love his uglyface. Im not surprised youre already teaching him the art of ugly facemaking.
Dad, way to go already doing your hometeacher. I hope my converts become as pilas(legit) as you!
Shannon, have fun at Spring Formal in your homemade dress!
Kayla, sorry you sparined your knee. But i know its cuz you go hard and you never give up! Always a champ!
Ashbaby, sorry you fell...and sorry i laughed. I hope you have a better week! Lovins you boo!
Matt, sorry I missed ya but sounds like the jobs going well!
Everyone else, thanks for the love shoutouts! I miss and love you all and I feel your support and your prayers!
Speaking of prayers, I had an awesome experience last night! So, after the zone meeting, I put to test the promise that if we pray specifically, God will answer specifically. I had heard so many experiences of people coming up to the missionaries and asking them to visit their home. This  had never happened to me and I wondered, how great would that be to have someone truly NEED the gospel and for Heavenly Father to put them in our path. After 2 days of praying that someone would SPECIFICALLY aproach us, He answered. Last night as we were about to leave our area to head home, this young father and his wife and baby called us over. We dont usually answer to the "ch ch" sound cuz its almost always bad news, but as I turned around i saw this young man walking toward us with prisa. As he approached us, he straight said, "You visit people to share the gospel, right? Ive been reading pamphlets from a couple religions and im just confused. Could you come visit me to help explain? I want to do whats right, but I dont know which doctrine is the correct one." I was smiling from ear to ear as i happily answered, "Yes. We can help."
As well as yesterday, I was talking to a young woman on the bus on Thursday and as I asked about her family, she started to cry. I told her, I dont know what youre going through, but I know this can help, and I gave her A Plan of Salvation pamphlet. Before she even opened it, she started saying, Im just not happy in my life right now. I dont know what Im doing here, sometimes I wonder what my purpose in life is. Ive been wanting to go to a church lately. It was a Preach My Gospel moment! She said all the things I missionary would hope for. We practice often for these opportunities, but they rarely come. I felt the tender whisper of the Spirit guide my words as I testified to her of the Restored Gospel. It was an amazing moment for me on the mission.

Wow, I am blown away by the way God cares enough to help us know Hes there, guiding our steps, and bringing others to the truth. It was a beautiful moment of knowing God is here, he listens, and He gives us our righteous requests. The work is moving along. We shall see what the Lord has in store for us missionaries in the coming change on Wednesday. Im ready for anywhere, because I know He will be there with me.

Have a great week!
Were gonna go have a bday party for Hermana Henrie right now cuz shes turning 22 tomorrow! Woohoo!

Hermana Infanzon
Pics- Besito from Dennis, my favorite little SalvadoreƱean boy
The bishop´s dinner


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