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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Good moooorniiing mundoooo!

Its raining and muy fresco- me encanta!

TEMPLE! TEMPLE! IM GOING TO THE TEMPLE! Tomorrow my zone is heading to the Holy House of the Lord! I cant even tell you all how excited I am. Ever since I began going regularly in Provo, the temple has become a part of my life. I have withdrawals once in a while so I am PUMPED to be going tomorrow! Moreso that I will be there as a missionary, its a different feeling. Heres a video of our beautiful temple in El Salvador. I know the youth that participated in the video- their families are still going strong in the gospel.

What Im the most excited about from this week is that I finished The Book of Mormon!!!! I finished it Saturday night, and restarted it yesterday morning. I read it in exactly 7 weeks. It was wonderful! I have never loved this book more in my life! I really, truly delighted in it- every page. I started it right away again because I enjoy it so much. Ive never felt so much strength come from a book before. I have a SOLID testimony that The Book of Mormon IS the most correct of any book ever written and it DOES bring us closer to Christ! I realized why. You begin loving someone as you get to know them. Well, as we read about our Savior (His life, words, and hand in the lives of the Nephites/Lamanites) we are getting to know Him more. Its obvious were going to love Him more. I feel like I know Him better and I hear His council in my personal life more often now. That is why I will never stop reading this book! The theme I started with this time is repentance because I noticed how often He invites us to repent as I was reading. What a great demonstration of His love for us!

Also, we continue to find the prepared! Yesterday, I was grateful to find 2 more prepared who have fechas. Samuel, a joven of 22, said he wanted to change his life and follow Christ. At the end of the lesson, I asked him how he felt from what we shared and he said, "Bueno, me siento emocionado! Me interesa este libro y estoy animado a leerlo! Gracias" BAM! The power of the Book of Mormon strikes again!
Orlando, 56 years old, has a problem with drinking to forget about his wifes death. His eyes were filled with hope as we told him he would see her again one day if he followed Christ into the waters of baptism. He is hopeful now to have an eternal family. Theres a new light in his life that only the Lord, Jesus Christ can fill.

I feel so SATISFIED to share the gospel with people who are truly ready to accept it. I know I am fulfilling my true purpose here. And its exciting!

I know with ALL my heart that this gospel is true and the only way to everlasting happiness. I lived the other life without the light of the gospel and I can feel the grand difference. We have direction, we have hope, we have patience, and we have the truth. Christ lives and leads us in this work.

All my love to you,

su hija Hermana Infanzon


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