I AM BOOK 3/24/14

Thursday, March 3, 2016

twas a good week! we are finding some great people who are really searching for the truth and they have great questions. it makes teaching way more fun! im excited because tonight were having family night with the ruiz family (members) and the melendez family (investigators) and were gonna watch the restoration video. this is JUST what they need!
also were gonna teach Rudy Ruizs friend Carlos tonight who has come to church a few times to activities and is open to learning more. yesterday was a great day, except it was a little difficult to teach. all the houses are really close together and its easy to hear through the walls. welp, yesterday happened to be a very important soccer gameday between Barcelona and Madrid and the whole world was watching. As we passed the houses it sounded like surround sound because every tv was on the same channel. we had a couple lessons in this one pasaje with this woman that was SHRIEKING at the tv next door to us and whenever there was a moment with the spirit, there would suddenly be fireworks set off that sounded like bombs cuz they were so close. it was interesting to teach in that environment! not to mention it is soooo hot lately. my watch tan is ridiculous ha

Okay I have some funny stories this week

1- were teaching an english class and its so fun! each class someone always says something funny. for example, we were practicing the verb "i am" and nouns and this one "student" slash less active Saul said in an arnold shwarzewhatever voice "I AM BOOK" that made me almost cry, after. i would never laugh with them because they wouldnt want to learn and that would just be mean but after i just had to, i love his accent. also, we went on a scavenger hunt using prepositions and i felt like Dora the Explorer. We go THROUGH the bridge, OVER the lake, and to the CASTLE! So funny. Also, they love the word fat. I just dont even know....but i love this class. almost 40 people come. i give props to all the teachers out there! its tiring

2- on the bus the other day hermana henrie was in exchanges and started contacting the woman next to her. she was with hermana dumay, who told her after that a man got up on the bus and started preaching. then he pointed to hermana henrie and called her a false prophet. she didnt even notice but everyone was looking at her. at the end, she got the address of the woman and then hermana dumay told her what happened on the bus haha

3- i met a dog this week named Nicki. everytime we visit this family they seem to call their dog a million times and its really awkward for me. the dog and i have a connection, Nicki is always laying at my feet and they all think its cute. little do they know...

4- i found Adrienne Petersons latina twin! the stake presidents wife went out with us to visit yesterday and she is a spitting image of Adrienne. they look alike, talk alike, act alike, and are both the stake presidents wife. it was way wierd!

Mom told me Kayla sang yesterday at church. Coincidentally, i did too! knowing heavenly father and his humor, im sure we were singing at the exact same time! like mom said, music really does bring the spirit. we sang jospeh smiths first prayer/la oracion del profeta (its the same song just different names) half in english, half in spanish. hermana henrie is great at harmonizing so she sang alto with me. the members loved it! the rs pres said she was crying. im grateful to have talents to share on the mission with the same purpose as teaching, to strengthen others faith in Christ. thats why im here, and i am loving every second of it. 

todo mi amor!

hermana infanzon


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