Thursday, March 3, 2016

Holy cow, conference was soooo good!

I dont want to talk about anything else but that, really though.


President Uchtdorf- SEEKING GODS LIGHT

I have been tested many times on my mission regarding my testimony. I have as a result found myself many nights on my knees asking God for His light and knowledge. They have been some of the most sacred moments on my mission, gaining "divine direction that transcends human knowledge" as Uchtdorf puts it. 

I have this growing desire to know all the mysteries of God and this talk just hit it right on the nose for me. I know that if we seek divine truth using divine tools (such as prayer and scripture study) we will find it.

Then I loved


We really do need to take responsibility for our own spiritual wellbeing. God knows when we are choosing to fully live the gospel and not. Its better to embrace obedience to the fulness. 

Selective obedience brings selective blessings.

An hermana in the ward always says

Do you know why I go to church? why I read and pray? Because I want my blessings. YO QUIERO MIS BENDICIONES. 

Do you want your blessings? 


Okay lets seeee

Did I tell you about Roberto? Well him and Monica want to get married and baptized! He is one of the most awesome investigators Ive ever met, and Monica is so sweet. Roberto has made huge changes in his life and hes a young father now so he wants to be an example for his baby daughter. But sometimes I feel like hes a member in disguise with the way our lessons go. It was funny, yesterday he asked

How do you see me as an investigator? Am I a good one? Like do you think im ready? 

And we were like, 

1. YES
3. No one has ever asked us that but you

He thinks like a missionary, its so strange but so fun! I love teaching people who are truly HUNGRY to know, you know? Its way different than when theyre gazing at the TV or look bored and when theyre really involved in the learning and changing process. 

Thats an investigator de oro! 

Hopefully Ill be here when theyre baptized and married but who knows what the Lord plans, either way Im so happy for them!

Also, super happy cuz Ismael will be baptized this Saturday! Ive known him since day 1 in Apopa. Hes the husband of a recent convert and he has an awesome mustache, so naturally we are great friends. He has changed so much and Im soooo dang happy I will be here for his baptism!

Well, times up! Love you all! 

Evaluate yourselves these next couple of days and make a written plan on how you are going to apply General Conference in your daily life.

Love, Hermana Infanzon

Pics- Las hermanas del Barrio Refineria
The gringo room! All us English missionaries watching conf in Ingles. 2 of the new missionaries were sick and they were throwing up the whole time during conference. Poor guys. Its tough being a new missionary haha


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