Hermana Indiana Jones 6/17/14

Thursday, March 3, 2016


This week was wonderful, absolutely inspiring for me! We are having many meetings and activities with our ward council to get them involved. We did a missionary work training called Somos Sus Manos that was beautiful. We did it to encourage, thank, support, and express love to our leaders. They needed and deserved it! Theyre a hardworking group! I love my leaders in the ward and mission and im grateful for the lesson Ive learned to always support them, no matter what happens. They are called of God. Rejecting them is rejecting Him.

Speaking of great leaders, I want to thank my President for EVERYTHING. We had our last meeting with them yesterday. they leave in 10 days...I left that meeting yesterday very edified and grateful. Grateful for him and Hermana and their hard work, grateful for their examples, and most of all grateful for this wonderful gospel. I see the light that comes from obedience in their lives and it confirms the fact that this is the only way to true happiness.

I know without a doubt that the gospel is true. If we have faith, we will not fall. Repentance changes us to be better. Baptism saves us from our sins. The Holy Ghost guides us on the path, and all of these things put together bring us to Heavenly Father. The gospel is so simple! Why are we so quick to lose sight of our goal? Well, as weak as we may be, Christ understands and through His love carries us to the end.

We had a beautiful Noche de Hogar last night with the Reyes family. They are going through a difficult time in the church, and Brother Reyes is moving to Spain today. Well, last night, we came to say goodbye and support them. I figured they would be depressed and packing. I cant tell you the surprise on my face when I entered to a happy family starting their NDH. The night was happy and light. They shared the theme of the Lost Sheep and then we played, laughing and enjoying the company. Their neighbors came by to say goodbye to them, too, but they invited them to the Family Night. Their reactivated daughter was in charge. Everyone was uplifted by the experience. Another example of enduring to the end.

We also shared a blessed moment with Celina on her baptismal day. Let me tell you, Hermana Henrie and I were beyond happy! Weve had trouble in our time together achieving the ultimate goal of baptizing. I know it was partly my faith in doing it. Maybe my testimony wasnt strong before, but now I have a burning desire in my heart to BAPTIZE every week! My understanding of the need of it is growing, and for that reason my actions follow. I bear solemn testimony that baptism is the door to enter heaven. if we do not enter the waters of baptism, we will not see God. I need everyone in my alredador to understand how heartbreaking that is! I need to help them enter the door!

I had a WONDERFUL experience on Sunday. It started out chaffa. We were SURE that 5 families were going to come Sunday morning to sacrament. We put all our effort and faith in getting them there. When the hour arrived, 2 were present. Not families, people. I was waiting for 20! I felt discouraged. On top of it, Celina hadnt shown for her confirmation. The negative thoughts were trickling in my mind, but I quickly replaced them with faith. Feeble faith, at first, but I said to myself. Wait. The Lord will bless you for your work, its not in vain. I told myself to be patient and that next week would be better. I focused my thoughts on the Savior and the countless times i had let HIM down. I had no reason to be frustrated. A moment passed and the miracle happened. One of the families entered, and then a another. Celina showed up in time to be confirmed. My tiny particle of faith showed great results. I was overwhelmed with gratitude! I know faith makes miracles, miracles dont make faith.

You are the greatest father in the world, papi! I have felt your love for me as a daughter and Im grateful to have had your support in this year. You are a wonderful father, friend, and son. You are a faithful son to our loving Father in Heaven. He loves you and is proud of your work. I love you very much! And on this day, I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who gave us everything to bring us home. It is a great day to be a child of God!

Love, Hermana Infanzon
PS- this photo is me Indiana Jonesing it through the streets of El Salvador. We were on an adventure yesterday! So fun!


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