Thursday, March 3, 2016

This week was great, pretty normal. Unfortunately changes are this Wednesday and were not anticipating it because we dont want to be changed! I just LOVE Apopa! Its such an amazing area, we have found over 100 investigators in this change and many of them are progressing (they just have trouble coming to church cuz its at 8 in the morning haha). But Carlos, Rudys friend, accepted a baptismal date yesterday! Were at square one with him, hes never been a "spiritual" person he says and doesnt know how to pray but he wants to be better from the example hes seen in the Ruiz family, who he works for. Its so rewarding to see his subtle changes as he feels his faith grow.

Josue and Katerins wedding is this Friday! Im really excited because we pretty much planned it haha. Im really excited for them- Josue is reading the Book of Mormon and likes it.

Also Jose Martinez is a great investigator. He had a hard time leaving some vices but nows hes clean and a different person. He lives alone and is kinda a quiet guy, but he serves everyone! I love it because he doesnt do it to be recognized, its a quiet charity that he does. Hes a great example to me. Im learning alot from the people I teach-more than they are learning Im positive!

The ward had the RS anniversary yesterday and they made hermana henrie and i sing solos again for the program haha. They had a great meeting though. They talked alot about the origins of Relief Society with Emma Smith. Church and Family History is something Ive been really into lately. I invite all fo you to do it while you have the means. Its so great doing your own family history work. i did a little of it before I left on the mission and I am SO excited to work on it when I get back! It brings a new faith and strength in life to know that your ancestors are faithful in the gospel too.

uhm, so i was traumatized this week. every night when we get home a fat cockroach warmly welcomes us. we have a ritual now where i run in the house and jump on my chair while hermana henrie kills the cockroaches. the other night we did that but as were planning another showed up on the ceiling while hermana henrie was in the kitchen. i started freaking out and told her to come save me. right then im pretty sure the cucaracha heard my thoughts of wanting it to be killed and it flew over my head! it was so scary im pretty sure it was trying to come after me! i ran into the bedroom while hermana henrie tried killing it. when we finally squished it, it exploded! the head was on one side of the room and the body on the other and it was still moving! curiosity got the best of me and i came out to look. bad idea. never again. scarred for life. it brings me back to my BYU Hawaii dorm days. What a nightmare.

Anywho, all is well in Zion! Pray for me that I dont have changes this week, Im not ready!

Love, Hermana Infanzon


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