Knowledge is Power 8/25/14

Thursday, March 3, 2016

This weeeeek
Monday- chill day. oh but except for a mindblowing deep doctrine study with Hno Mitchel! He is one of the smartest people i ever met and he gave us missionaries a huge 3 hour study of the worlds chronology of the dispensations and apostasies of the world. it was so epic, I loved it! It increased my faith immensely as well as I understand truly why this is the restored church of Christ. My comp and I have put goals to increase in knowledge because it really gives us more power and authority in the way we teach. im telling you, this gospel is amazing! As I grow to understand more of Gods plan, I strive to be more obedient because the blessings are just too great to not work for! Knowledge truly is power.
Tuesday- I dont remember if I told you about our new investigator William? But hes just great. Hes so tranquilo and happy all the time. And he can dance! He gave a classd to the Relief Society that was similar to Zumba but more latino. They were dying at the end but all the relief society sisters love him now haha.
Wednesday- It was a very normal, successful day! We saw many miracles as we tried to work through the Spirit.
Thursday- A Seventy came to give us a special conference. Elder Ochoa, from the area presidency. He helped us so much! My favorite part was his focus on teaching repentence from the start. If we call these people to repentance, we will know who wants to change and who doesnt. The time here is short, and we are looking for those who are prepared. I learned this lesson a little late in my mission, but I have seen such a difference as Ive understood this. I invite all of my missionary friends to exercise faith in not wasting time with those who you already know arent going to progress. God has people waiting for you right around the corner! As Ive exercised my faith to leave unprogressing investigators, heavenly Father has put 2 prepared in my path! Its not our job to convince, but to invite. Also, Hna Winters and I sang a musical number (the one Kayla and I sang at my farewell. the medly of i know that My Redeemer Lives and I Feel My Saviors Love) and at the end of the conference Elder Ochoa asked us to sing it again and I thought he was going to record us and show it to the prophet haha but after his final testimony we sang it and everyone was crying, including him. So we made a General Authority cry. But it wasnt us, it was the Spirit! So I dont take credit. But I truly am grateful for the gift of music because it is a beautiful way to tesify of the Savior.
Friday- We found Jason! His dad didnt give him permission to be baptized yet and then suddenly he was very difficult to find (Satan) and we were worried about him. We found him on Friday and thankfully he is still excited to be baptized! His dad told him that if he learns a little more he will allow him. We would like to explain to his dad that knowledge isnt as important as doing (which Jason is doing!) but he lives far away, and so we made plans with Jason to go to seminary for a month. Hopefully it will help!
Saturday- Wow, the son in law of Orlando is way prepared! Its strange cuz Orlandos daughter, Joana, isnt totally on board yet, but Luis totally wants to be baptized! Theyre just living together without being married so we have to change that... Also, we found a super prepared joven, Manuel! He is so ready to learn about the gospel. The Spirit was super strong from the moment we met him and we felt really guided to his house cuz we didnt even consider going to his house before and he was there all along, waiting to hear the truth!
Sunday- Luis came to church on his own! He loved it. Also, we recieved a blessing from the bishop. To missionaries, I seriously suggest that! Recieving a blessing from your bishop everytime you go to a new area helps you see his vision and unites you as a team in missionary work. He said some things that have changed our vision and are going to be a great blessing for the ward!
I bear testimony that Jesus Christ lives and He directs this work. My hope is that we all capture the vision and thrust in our sickle! As you share the blessings of the gospel with others, the prophecies of the ancient prophets fulfill. We already know the outcome, its depends on us if we will be a part of this great work when the Lord again gathers Israel. Study about it, learn why you are here on the earth today, and pray to know how you can help hasten the work. Its a blessed time in which we live! I pray for you all and love you unconditionally.
Hermana Infanzon
PS- Photos of Samuels baptism cuz I dont think they sent last week!


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