IM STILL IN APOPA! :) 8/11/14

Thursday, March 3, 2016

I was suprised that Hermana Merrell and I were changed on Wednesday, we only had a short time together but it was wonderful! But good news is, IM STILL IN APOPA! And I couldnt be happier. I love this area and ward so much. They are such willing people and we are all working so well together. So this Wednesday Hermana Dumay went home :( It was so bittersweet! I knew it wasnt goodbye cuz im totally going to visit her in the Dominican Republic, but it was so sad! She has had such a great impact on all of the sisters in the mission. It was hard to see her go.

But, my new companion is so amazing! Im with Hermana De La Torre from Ecuador. Her name is sweet- De La Torre aka Of the Tower. Hermana Of The Tower. She has really long hair too so everyone comments on our hair. Oh the hermanas with long hair, they say. So thats fun. We work really well together and I just love her guts! I feel like I am improving on alot of things because we are both striving to be better everyday.
Samuel passed his interview and is getting baptized on Saturday! He will be the pioneer in his family. His 17 yr old brother is also getting interested so were hoping to work with him too. His mom seems willing but his dad is kind of controlling and going to a prophetic church, so his mom cant really come, although she seems to like it. The dad doesnt believe in the trinity and so hes kinda closed off right now to coming the church. He listens to us though so hopefully well get through to him and get the whole family to church!
Jason is preparing for his baptism. hes a cool kid and loves serving with the young men so they all get along with him already, were just praying his dad will let him cuz he seems a little hesitant.
Orlandos grandson is getting baptized on the 30th! Carlitos is so excited, he loves going to church with his grandpa. Speaking of Orlando, he blessed the sacrament on Sunday!! It was so great! He came with a white shirt and tie for the first time! He did a great job, we helped him practice the night before cuz he was so nervous. He reminds me of dad a little, and he treats me like his daughter while im here. Also, miracle! His daughter Joana and her boyfriend and baby came to church for the first time! It was a miracle cuz weve tried to get them to come for a while now but they dont seem very interested. They showed up to support him though, and they liked it! Orlando has 3 kids, 2 live here so were trying to teach them and the other lives in New York so were trying to get the missionaries to her there. She the mom of Carlitos and apparently she wants to go to church in NY so Im totally gonna try and get in conatct with her when i get home! Roadtrip!
So the work is going great, Im loving love and doing my best. I am seeing the blessings of the Lord abundantly. I know He wants to bless us and thats why He asks us to be obedient to Him, because then he is bound to bless us!
Funny stories anyone? We had a battle with the cucarachas Saturday night! It was ridiculous! They were swarming Hermana Winters suitcase, and I videotaped it all. We were screaming and running around the house trying to kill them all for like 20 minutes. I dont even know how they got in but I was freaking out. I hate cockroaches so much.
Also, one of our members whos an RM, Guillermo, was gonna go out with us but he never showed up. I thought he ditched us but his car broke down and his phone wasnt charged and he was all the way in Santa Ana. But we didnt know that at the time. So we were walking home at night and I saw a car parked in the middle of the street that looked just like his and I said to Hna De La Torre, Oh, this is guillermo, lets go. And I walked right up to the drivers seat and kinda stuck my head in and started to say "Ya va a ver Guillermo" like jokingly chastising him. But it wasnt him. It was a gordito man. And it was extremely awkward cuz I tucked my head in a strangers car. And then I awkwardly said, Well, youre not Guillermo. Have a good evening! And walked away. We were cracking up afterwards. Oops!
Nathan turned a year last week! Happy bday baby Nathan! Cant wait to meet you!

Shannie! Happy 15th! Dont grow up anymore, please and thank you.
Uncle Rich, happy 66th! Love ya Cubano!
PS- Cant wait to get a puppyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! So excited!!!!! Thanks mom!!! Dream come true!!!! Send me pics of her when you get her fam!!! 

Love, Hermana Infanzon


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