Thursday, March 3, 2016

Wow, what a weekend! 

First of all, thanks for your prayers! We didnt have cambios! Im still in Apopa with the best comp and ward I could ask for.

Second, I got your package! It was so legit, Case, thank you so much! I shared my goodies with the gringos (American missionaries) cuz we were in the "English room" and they were also very grateful.

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General Conference was so wonderful! It was a weekend of miracles and blessings here in El Salvador. Hermana Henrie and I started our weekend fasting to have investigators at conference, and the moment we ended it, little by little we saw miracles occur. First, a new investigator Erika came to Session 1 on Saturday with a ward member, Melvin. He brought his friend to check it out and she loved it! She asked for the lessons after. Wow. Then our investigator Jose who never has time to come to church came on Saturday afternoon and said he would be returning on Sunday he liked it so much! Sunday morning an investigator named Ilsia came who we almost stopped visiting cuz she hasnt come to church and weve been with her for a couple months now. Between sessions on Sunday we took a mototaxi (theyre like adorable go kart taxis) to our area to try and find someone for the last session and we convinced Carlos to come, who said he didnt want to cuz he had "pena" in other words, felt too awkward but he ended up going and enjoyed it. We had investigators in every session come! 

The leaders council was perfect. My favroite talk was the prophets. We should show loving kindness to everyone- loved ones, acquaintances, and strangers. They are all Gods children and need some loving kindness!

What a great opportunity we have to serve the Lord in these latter days. I love hearing your great examples of member missionary work. For example, Brother Rodriquez is inviting alot of his friends and neighbors to hear the missionarys message. Great work, Brother R! 

I know that as you all strive to share loving kindness to your fellow brothers and sisters, you will feel Gods love fill your life!

All MY loving kindness to you,

Hermana Infanzon

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