Thursday, March 3, 2016

This week was fun because everyone was celbrating Semana Santa. Meaning everyone went to the beach. no but all the catolicos and evangelicos did vigiles where they make little altars of christ. it was pretty i liked it. and those awesome pictures made of salt on the street

it was hermana canos birthday this week, we made piñatas of her from an invevtigator who makes them. pictures to come. i failed at hitting the piñata. they tricked me and told me it was on the other side of the court! bayuncos

this week we were going to visit an investigator named amparo and when we got to her house she was locked out. so hermana henrie being so tiny found a way to jump the wall and break in. then we shared a lesson about keeping the commandments..we thought that was funny

weve been finding alot of service opportunites this week. weve cleaned patios, raked leaves, we even helped a member clean plastic bags to recycle them. i know the Lord wants us to serve our fellow brothers and sisters in many ways. i invite you all to look for ways to serve someone everyday. it brings a new light to your life and helps put your problems on the backburner. its something that gives me great satisfaction. i know there are people out there who need our help, and our waiting for us. imagine returning to Heavenly Father one day, and telling him you served his children your whle life- in the end were really serving Him. I know hes grateful for every esfuerzo you make to find ways to show charity to others.

also, we have been reading the book of mormon like crazy! president glazier wants us to finish it before the new president comes to town (in July) so ive been 
reading like loco! he invited us to mark everytime it says christs name in it. i cant even tell you how much it has already strengthened my testimony to do this. if you need to strengthen your conversion in the gospel, read the book of mormon with a PURPOSE. it makes all the difference. pray to heavenhlt father to know what that prupose should be (faith, individual worth, love, repentance) and you will have a greater perpective of the gospel in your life

last of all, I am so grateful for the Easter season to remember the Lord and Savior, but there is so much more purpose and hope in my life, as I remember Him everyday. I am so grateful to be His servant in El Sakvador, and I will be his servant for the rest of my life. I have grown in my conversion of the gospel of jesus christ so much being here, and I know its true. I know Jesus Christ was resurrected and lives and that we will all be resurracted one day because of Him. There are so many blessings in the gospel, I dont know a better way to live me life. I know it, I live it, I love it!

HAve a great week. Share your testimony with someone!

Con amor,

Hermana Infanzon
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people made really awesome pictures on the streets using salt and wood shavings and such

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Look at this funny picture of me. Snapshot of BOM marathon reading


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