Week 2 - In the CCM

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Still scatterbrained. My bad. I don't have much time so this will be corta (short). Lo siento (sorry).
It has been another great week here in the CCM! There have pretty much been all ups.
My district gets funnier everyday.

The best laugh I had was this joke, it was a you-had-to-be-there joke, but I laughed forever about it because of the delivery, ya know?

Hermano Chen: What are some things we notice happen to us when we start to feel stress?
Elder Wyatt: My hair line recedes and I start balding like crazy fast.
Elder Warnick: Hey...sometimes it's genetic.

It was the timing ok?! Oh and obviously Elder Warnick is balding. That helps to know too.

We joke a lot together but have had some amazing spiritual experiences too. We feel the spirit the most when we make goals together as a district and accomplish them. It's an amazing feeling. Oh it was a sad day though last friday when one of our elders, Elder Reynolds went home. He was awesome but got really quiet the second week and then he wrote us this amaaazing letter and told us he had to work on some things before he could serve a worthy mission. Miss that guy but I know he's doing the right thing.

Ok I'm also hecka triste (sad) because my favorite latinas are leaving wednesday morning! Since they're already fluent they only have 2 weeks here. It breaks my heart to see them leave. My latina roommates, Hermana Cerrato and Hermana Perez, made me laugh so much. They also helped me with my Spanish like a lot! But I'm excited for them to go serve. They're going to the Guatemala north mission. The latinas here are great. Wednesday we're gonna get new latinas and nortes. It'll be nice to not be the newbies anymore.

It's seriously true what they say. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. Can't believe I've already had 2 weeks here.

I love this gospel. I love the Lord soooo much. He has been with me every step of my whole life. He's with all of us. The sooner we realize it, the happier our lives can be. He IS the only way to true happiness. He died for us and suffered for our sins. I am forever grateful for Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

I'm working on diligence this week as a Christlike attribute because I want to be a more efficient missionary. The thing about this place is that you work sooo hard but you realize every day, hour, and minute you could work harder. Especially for the Lord. I love the Book of Mormon. Please please please open it and read it and let it bless your life. It's a sure fact formula for happiness and guidance in your life! I know it's true (Alma 37:3-4, 9-10) and I encourage anyone reading this right now to start today to dedicate yourself to the study of this book. It will ABSOLUTELY bring you closer to Christ. I know it.

I love you all. Thank you for the love and emails. I feel the strength from your prayers everyday. You guys are amazing.

Con amor, 
Hermana Infanzon

Week 1 - In the CCM

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ok! Here goes nothing! I have like 20 mins to write this so excuse the scattered thoughts and 2 year old spelling.  Also, I speak Spanglish now so that could be a problem too. (Ehem, I tediously fixed every spelling mistake and translated for you all. You're welcome. -Casey) I almost speak Spanish, jk I don't. But seriously the language is coming along so well! I love speaking Spanish, it's a beautiful language and so fun to use. I talk in Spanish probably 80% of the time right now. I'm so lucky I had the background knowledge of the language because I can understand the latinas better and joke around with them since I almost understand what they say. I can get away with being a latina...until I open my mouth, then they know I'm a norte! That's what they call the north americans haha.

Pues (well), only 5 of us who came were hermanas (sisters) so surprisingly I'm surrounded by muchas elders. It's fun though. They're great guys. Day 1 felt like a week. My trip here was fun. I talked to someone on every flight:

Flight 1: G. Probably about 43, business guy, nice. Thought I was crazy for leaving my fam for 18 months.
Flight 2: D. 30 yr old producer from L.A. who made me sing to him and told me when I get back he'll record me in his studio!
Flight 3: Sin nombre (no name) (jk I just can't remember it) 47 yr old dad of 3 daughters who he said I reminded him of. My favorite guy cuz he treated me like a daughter. We talked through the whole night about families. His dad is dying in Guatemala and that's why he was coming here. I gave him a Book of Mormon. Totally not mad that I got no sleep, it was worth it.

Got to Guatemala (there were 25 of us from LAX to GUA) and we rode a bus to the CCM (missionary training center). Took a 2 hr nap. DIVIIINE. Got to work!

Typical day:
Workout (Hermana Foster is my personal trainer. She's the best!)
Desayuno (breakfast)
Personal study
Companion study
Language study
Grammar class
PMG (Preach My Gospel) class
We sing a hymn. (Hermano Chen's voice is like an angel)
More class
More class
More studying
More class
More studying
Teach A (A is an actual investigator, not a missionary acting as one!)
Oracion con las hermanas (Prayer with the sister missionaries)


SAD NEWS! We can't use our cameras here! I only have a pic of me and my companion on day 1 and a pic of the whole CCM hermanas. Lo siento (sorry) mom.

Sooo my companion is legit. Her name is Hermana Foster. She's from Cali and shes 6 ft 3. She's alto (tall) in height and spirit. Hermana Foster makes me work hecka hard and if I'm being honest I'd probably hate it before the mission but now I can see the importance of what I'm doing and how little time there is to do it, so I'm like, let's hit the grind hermana! We are the only hermanas in our district, District Josue. We have 8 elders almost all from utah (typs) and I love them all. We had this awesome testimony meeting like the 4th day we were together so I'd say we're all pretty close now. Of course, sometimes they get out of hand cuz they're 18 and 19 but esta bien (it's all good). We have a lot of fun together and are sometimes in the classroom for 4 hours at a time. Sounds crazy but I'm learning about the gospel so I have no complaints.

My teacher is so great! His name is Hermano Chen (no he's not Asian, I asked on day 1.) He's from Guatemala but he just got back from serving in El Salvador San Salvador a month ago! 1-2 of us are going there and 1-2 are staying in Guatemala. He gives us great advice for the mission, like what to and not to eat, how to involve the miembros (members) (it's really important, so do it for us misioneros) and he tells us to be personally converted before we teach so I've had probably a million spiritual experiences here as I've taken that advice. My favorite thing so far has been getting closer to the spirit! I can FINALLY recognize the Holy Ghost more as I teach and study and ponder the scriptures.

NO WAIT. My favorite thing that has happened here so far has been teaching A! SHE IS THE BEST. She's our first investigator and she works in el comedor (the dining room) here. She's Catholic but has an LDS friend and wanted to learn why we were so happy all the time and don't drink coffee, etc. (she's a real investigator guys and it's the last day we teach her. Then we have to teach our teacher who will pretend to be an investigator, laaaame). So A has changed my life in like a day because she has made me so happy teaching her. Oh and this might be a nice detail, but me and Hermana Foster invited her to be baptized and she said YES! It was the best feeling ever! Our whole district teaches her back to back and we were last night and the elders invited her first but she said she'd think about it and then we hermanas swooped in and Hermana Foster bore the sickest testimony I have ever heard and I think the Holy Ghost slapped her in the face and she said yes. She's a little scared but we told her we will be there with her every step of the way.

Ok so if this is what bringing one soul to the Gospel feels like, imagine the joy when you shall bring many souls unto me. That scripture? Can't think of it right now, Casey will you find it? Gracias. (Got it. De nada, hermana)

Puessss (welllll), I will tell you about the area here. It's gorgeous, we live in the city but the tropical trees make it feel like the jungle. The houses are pretty and the people are REALLY NICE. Every time we go outside (which isn't often. Freeeedom!) Todos las personas say buenos dias (everyone says good morning)! AND GIVE YOU A SMILE THAT WILL MAKE YOUR HEART MELT. Also, they're all really short.which makes them even more precious and makes my heart melt more. I already love the people in Central America. SO MUCH. Like maybe too much. I hope I don't scare them. They all love Hermana Foster because she's so tall compared to them.

Que mas (what else)? Oh yeah, the food is gourmet! I had not expected to love it so much. I may be a little biased cuz A makes the menus and she's like a top chef (I'm gonna get a her a slot on Food Network when I get home) BUT SERIOUSLY. The food is awesome. They feed us some norte food and some central american. It's a lot though so my companion and I usually split it because you have to eat EVERYTHING off the plate. It's rude not to.

MATT: You are so awesome. I understand more than ever the blessings you have secured for yourself by making this covenant with Heavenly Father. He loves you so much and is so happy with your decision. I love you too! Keep on keepin on! Every. Thing. Is worth it.
KYRA: AHHH! COLORADO SPRINGS?!?! It's perfect. You're perfect. You look hot in your picture (can I say that?) and when are you going? I am ecstatic for you.
ESTEVEZ GIRLS: If you are reading this, there is this Dominican girl who is just like you, Hermana Mack. She is the funniest person in the world. I told her all about you guys.
JOY: I am so happy Isaiah is ok. You are the most beautiful family and I miss you guys!  Tell your fam I say hi!

Who wants to hear some funny stories??? There have been lots! Maybe they won't translate as funny as I'd think, but they made me cry of laughter entonces... 
Funny story uno: Our district was practicing bearing our testimonies in Spanish and Hermana Foster was goin hard with hers, almost had me in tears, y entonces (and then) ...she said Jesus Cristo es el solo lago. She meant to say He was the only way but said He was the only lake! Hahahaha...it was one of those quiet moments where you can't laugh so it's even funnier.
This one maestro (teacher) is probably the funniest guy I've ever met. He has ADD so he was translating a devotional and kept playing with the mic so it sounded all muffled and the nortes were trying so hard not to laugh. Another one of those moments.
Our district leader Elder Sant is the best. He was trying to say he took a girl on a date to the carnival once but he said cannibal instead. I was rofl (this translation is for you dad, "rolling on the floor laughing") for days.

Ok my time expires in dos minutos so I love you all! I love being a missionary, it's a joy different from any other I've felt and I'll talk to you luego!

Con amor,
Hermana Infanzon

Introducing Sister Nicki Infanzon!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hello all, this is Nicki's older sister Casey! I just wanted to give a little introduction to this blog and (although most of you probably know her already) a little introduction to my best friend Nicki:

Nicki has always been very strong willed, one of our dad's nicknames for her was 'imp' and I think all you need for proof of that is this adorable picture.

As Nicki has grown and matured, her strong will has become less annoying cute and more impressive. The moment she heard the announcement about the missionary age change, she decided she was going to serve! After completing her paperwork and waiting diligently by the mailbox, she received her call. She said that when she saw "You are assigned to labor in the El Salvador, San Salvador mission" she thought 'that's the place!' and over the next few months, she grew to love the people she would soon be meeting.

To the people of El Salvador, you are about to meet this imp and I know you will love her as much as I do! Her strong will is now an eye single to the glory of God and God's glory is "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." 

¡Buena suerte a mi hermana, Nicki! Que puede ayudar a nuestro Padre Celestial en Su trabajo y llevar muchas almas a √Čl.

Some info about how this blog will work:

  • The blog will be updated every Wednesday
  • The posts will be a copy of Nicki's weekly emails
  • The easiest way to reach her is through email but bear in mind, she only gets a short amount of time, once a week to write everyone! So "snail mail" is also a good way to go if you'd like a longer reply. 
  • You can find her current address here, I'll update it as she moves around
  • More info to come on how to send packages once I find out!

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