Week 2 - In the CCM

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Still scatterbrained. My bad. I don't have much time so this will be corta (short). Lo siento (sorry).
It has been another great week here in the CCM! There have pretty much been all ups.
My district gets funnier everyday.

The best laugh I had was this joke, it was a you-had-to-be-there joke, but I laughed forever about it because of the delivery, ya know?

Hermano Chen: What are some things we notice happen to us when we start to feel stress?
Elder Wyatt: My hair line recedes and I start balding like crazy fast.
Elder Warnick: Hey...sometimes it's genetic.

It was the timing ok?! Oh and obviously Elder Warnick is balding. That helps to know too.

We joke a lot together but have had some amazing spiritual experiences too. We feel the spirit the most when we make goals together as a district and accomplish them. It's an amazing feeling. Oh it was a sad day though last friday when one of our elders, Elder Reynolds went home. He was awesome but got really quiet the second week and then he wrote us this amaaazing letter and told us he had to work on some things before he could serve a worthy mission. Miss that guy but I know he's doing the right thing.

Ok I'm also hecka triste (sad) because my favorite latinas are leaving wednesday morning! Since they're already fluent they only have 2 weeks here. It breaks my heart to see them leave. My latina roommates, Hermana Cerrato and Hermana Perez, made me laugh so much. They also helped me with my Spanish like a lot! But I'm excited for them to go serve. They're going to the Guatemala north mission. The latinas here are great. Wednesday we're gonna get new latinas and nortes. It'll be nice to not be the newbies anymore.

It's seriously true what they say. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. Can't believe I've already had 2 weeks here.

I love this gospel. I love the Lord soooo much. He has been with me every step of my whole life. He's with all of us. The sooner we realize it, the happier our lives can be. He IS the only way to true happiness. He died for us and suffered for our sins. I am forever grateful for Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

I'm working on diligence this week as a Christlike attribute because I want to be a more efficient missionary. The thing about this place is that you work sooo hard but you realize every day, hour, and minute you could work harder. Especially for the Lord. I love the Book of Mormon. Please please please open it and read it and let it bless your life. It's a sure fact formula for happiness and guidance in your life! I know it's true (Alma 37:3-4, 9-10) and I encourage anyone reading this right now to start today to dedicate yourself to the study of this book. It will ABSOLUTELY bring you closer to Christ. I know it.

I love you all. Thank you for the love and emails. I feel the strength from your prayers everyday. You guys are amazing.

Con amor, 
Hermana Infanzon


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