Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hi family! This week was wonderful! Its been raining like crazy lately at night but the days are hot as always.

We celebrated Ismaels birthday on Monday with, of course, pupusas! The bishop bought him a beautiful bible and his wife was jealous haha. Hno Ismael said he had never celebrated his birthday before (what???) and he felt special.

Well, Monica and Roberto are still doing greeaattt. We took them to the stake president´s son´s wedding on Saturday to excite them for theirs! 
Unfortunately, the laywer didnt get the papers in time to have the wedding this Saturday so they will be married and baptized on the 1st of November.

Im bummed but not really because whats important is that they do it, not if Im there. But it was the greatest blessing that I was able to meet them before I finished my mission! They are going to be amazing leaders in the church.

Also, Orlando is going through a hard time. He has a girlfriend named Lilian who has Leukemia and shes really sick right now. If you can all pray for her that she gets better that would be a big help! 

But thankfully he has the gospel that he says has been a great source of strength for him. The gospel truly does strengthen us in the hard times, just like the people of Alma in Mosiah 24. They didnt even feel their burdens- 

14 And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon yourshoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, evenwhile you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand aswitnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety thatI, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions.

 15 And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laidupon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord didstrengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease,and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will ofthe Lord.

We have many investigators lately who feel burdened and weighed down with the trials of the Lord, I know God has sent us to comfort and strengthen them in their afflictions. 

I invite you to rely on the Lord when you are struggling with the challenges of life. Say a humble prayer, read the scriptures, or serve someone! Just like our prophet taught us a couple weekends ago, the Lord walked the path of pain and temptation so that we could overcome ours.

We started teaching a woman named Norma who is very interested! So we met Norma looking for another contact one day and we knocked on her door by accident. She let us in and we shared a message with her. She told us her husband died a few years ago and her kids live far away so she feels alone. We told her about the plan of salvation and invited her to pray. 

Well she  surprised us by calling us on friday night and told us she wanted to come to church! We gave her a tour of the chapel on Saturday and had a lesson in la sacramental. The spirit was so strong and she started crying because she felt sad and like there was something missing in her life. We testified to her that the gospel would fill that hole and she committed to come to church and learn more. Im grateful we found her that day, it was a testimony builder to me that Heavenly Father is truly aware of our needs.

Oh yeah, and there was a little earthquake on Monday, so that was fun! It was pretty strong, the house was jiggling and wiggling like it was a toyhouse being attacked by a child haha. But nothing happened to us! I only felt dizzy afterwards. All is good in Zion!

I am so grateful for my time here in the service of the Lord, I cant believe its my last full week! But Im gonna give it all I got! And anything leftover I have Im gonna use to go out with the sisters at home! Haha, 

I cant wait to keep being a missionary. Its really just the beginning, Ive been given training to become a lifelong missionary. The real test is how much I share the gospel in normal day life. 

I hope we all capture the vision of our Fathers work and follow the example of our Savior and Brother to bring his children home!

All my love!

Hermana Infanzon

pics- Ismaels pupusa birthday gathering
-we had helado with the other hermanas´investigator, Hno Jose. Hes so presh! Hes been all over the world and shares the coolest stories with us
-Jackelin and Miguels wedding (Monica is on my left)

Continue in Patience 10/13/14

On Monday we had a Noche de Hogar with the Lopez family and Orellana family (Roberto y Monica) They are doing great! Its way cool how they are already sharing the gospel with their family and friends. We met Robertos mom and dad and some of their friends and theyre going to come to an activity at church this week. Theyre already member missionaries!

Other than that, my day consists of

exercising, studying, finding, teaching, eating, more teaching, more finding, planning, sleeping...
Oh, also, we found a woman named Claudia whos a single mom and is searching for a church to raise her children. Shes very interested because on Sunday she called us to tell us she wanted to come to church but she didnt know where to find it. She was walking close by the church for like an hour and we couldnt find her haha and then she finally found it and came in late but she came!
Then the highlight of the weekend was Ismaels baptism! It was great. We had it after our zone conference and were like running around trying to get everything ready and they an hour late haha. But its all good because alot more people showed up. The bishop and stake president were present and they gave awesome talks. Ismaels brother in law baptized him.
Then Sunday he was confirmed! The Romero family is finally complete. The fast and testimony meeting was beautiful!
A lesson I learned this week- the importance to be patient. I had some experiences that tested my patience and I dont know if I passed the test haha. I thought I was a patient person! Until Heavenly Father tested it haha. But Im glad He gives us opportunities to refine ourselves.
Ether 12:27

 27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

Well, love you all! Do your family prayers, scripture studies, and family nights!
Hermana Infanzon


Holy cow, conference was soooo good!

I dont want to talk about anything else but that, really though.


President Uchtdorf- SEEKING GODS LIGHT

I have been tested many times on my mission regarding my testimony. I have as a result found myself many nights on my knees asking God for His light and knowledge. They have been some of the most sacred moments on my mission, gaining "divine direction that transcends human knowledge" as Uchtdorf puts it. 

I have this growing desire to know all the mysteries of God and this talk just hit it right on the nose for me. I know that if we seek divine truth using divine tools (such as prayer and scripture study) we will find it.

Then I loved


We really do need to take responsibility for our own spiritual wellbeing. God knows when we are choosing to fully live the gospel and not. Its better to embrace obedience to the fulness. 

Selective obedience brings selective blessings.

An hermana in the ward always says

Do you know why I go to church? why I read and pray? Because I want my blessings. YO QUIERO MIS BENDICIONES. 

Do you want your blessings? 


Okay lets seeee

Did I tell you about Roberto? Well him and Monica want to get married and baptized! He is one of the most awesome investigators Ive ever met, and Monica is so sweet. Roberto has made huge changes in his life and hes a young father now so he wants to be an example for his baby daughter. But sometimes I feel like hes a member in disguise with the way our lessons go. It was funny, yesterday he asked

How do you see me as an investigator? Am I a good one? Like do you think im ready? 

And we were like, 

1. YES
3. No one has ever asked us that but you

He thinks like a missionary, its so strange but so fun! I love teaching people who are truly HUNGRY to know, you know? Its way different than when theyre gazing at the TV or look bored and when theyre really involved in the learning and changing process. 

Thats an investigator de oro! 

Hopefully Ill be here when theyre baptized and married but who knows what the Lord plans, either way Im so happy for them!

Also, super happy cuz Ismael will be baptized this Saturday! Ive known him since day 1 in Apopa. Hes the husband of a recent convert and he has an awesome mustache, so naturally we are great friends. He has changed so much and Im soooo dang happy I will be here for his baptism!

Well, times up! Love you all! 

Evaluate yourselves these next couple of days and make a written plan on how you are going to apply General Conference in your daily life.

Love, Hermana Infanzon

Pics- Las hermanas del Barrio Refineria
The gringo room! All us English missionaries watching conf in Ingles. 2 of the new missionaries were sick and they were throwing up the whole time during conference. Poor guys. Its tough being a new missionary haha



great week as always!
love my ward sooo much!
the lopez fam brought a new investigator to church yesterday and he is awesome! His name is Roberto (dad) and we asked him how he liked church and he was like

"oh yeah its great. you guys are the missionaries right?"
"the lopez family told me you could give me some lessons to be baptized?"
"uh yeah!"
so we went to his house yesterday and he is so prepared! we are going to try to invite his comp too so they can get married and baptized!! hopefully before i leave!
my comp is awesome! she works hard and has fun. she hasnt cried once (that i know of) which is quite the feat for a new missionary.
we are talking to erryoneee in la calle too so i feel like im on fire haha, like im starting all over again. its not the end. its not the end.
alsooo we went to the temple and twas the besttt
i felt the spirit extra strong this time cuz i studied beforehand about the temple covenants and everything seemed clearer and more beautiful.
also the temple presidents wife gave us a tour of the temple and took us to the sealing room. she told us how the sealing goes and everything, which really excited me for Caseys sealing woot woot!

also miracle! Ismael is getting baptized on the 11th of October woohooo! Vamos a completar la familia! (Were going to complete the family) and i love him, hes so sure about it now, whereas before he didnt know if he was ready.
The bishop is the best, he made a Gospel principles class presidency yesterday and made Orlando VP, reppin!
cant wait for conference! its the best! we are inviting the entire world and alot of people seem interested in coming!
well, i love you all! im so happy to be here and i love working for the Lord. its the best job in the world. the mission has changed my life and im so grateful for the experience. im also grateful for the privilege i had of helping certain people on their path toward Heavenly Father.
Paz y bendiciones!

Hermana Infanzon

LA MORDIDA 9/16/14

First of all, sorry for not writing yesterday, it was El Salvadors Independence Day so we were quarentined in the house. So today is Pday. Moving on.

Oh my crazy week!

Monday: Really fun day with the zone just hanging out and laughing. The only chill day of the week. THEN

Tuesday: We went to the mission office to pick up a new phone and its in centercity. I felt weird being there because people were dressed nicer and were all running around, in contrast to Apopa I was overwhelmed haha. The office elders had to pick up the phone from another place so we were in the office for a while doing nothing. I was dying! I dont know how I sat around for hours before. So after that we took a pitstop for lunch at Wendys and the assistants called me in the middle of my order and told me I would be training. So I kinda lost my appetite then haha. No, Im excited to be training! I love training. Its a great experience. Im also grateful Ill be finishing my mission like that, because going back to the basics is always good!

Wednesday: We went to Ilopango for the trainers meeting and it took half the day. By the time we got back to work, it was late in the afternoon. Crazy story! Hna D and I were contacting a man in front of his house and his dog came out and started barking really angry at us. My comp is very scared of dogs so she asked if the dog bites and the man said No, dont worry, he doesnt bite. But it looked mad (I think it smelled her fear) and she asked him to put the dog away but he didnt do anything. Then we started leaving because the guy wasnt interested and the dog ran out and bit my companion on the back of her leg! Mind you we were in the middle of nowhere and we didnt have anyones number because we had just gotten the phone. She was bleeding everywhere, the dog bit a huge chunk out of her leg and I was in shock. We finally got her to the hospital in a taxi and they stitched her up. We were there all night. And the bishop and Angel family were with us trying to cheer her up. I got a sick picture! But Im not gonna show it to you til after the mission haha.

Thursday: We went back to the clinic.

Friday: Back to the clinic.

Saturday: Back to the clinic.

Haha I feel like I havent worked in my area at all this week, but we miraculously had good numbers. And dont worry about my companion, shes completely fine and already walking normal again! Just a little traumatized. But she has been so patient in everything, I look up to her for that. And now shes leaving me and I am getting my new compie tomorrow!
But the ward has been so great in helping us, I dont know what we would do without them. I am sooooo happy Im dying in Apopa! But its gonna be so hard to leave. I just love everyone here so much. All I can do is give it my all this last change! 

I also look forward to all the great things going on at home. Especially that I can meet Nathan in 6 weeksyakhfdhnacfiñhgqdfad :) :) :) Hes so cuuuuute I cant even handle it.

But anyway, I have learned a lot this week. Something interesting Ive been reading in my personal study is how the church stayed afloat by the apostles after Christs death until the great apostasy. Its found in the Epistles and it makes perfect sense why we needed a restoration! We found a new investigator this week who is so prepared! Jasons baptism is on Saturday! Carlos got confirmed on Sunday. All the converts are doing great! Everyones great! Im great! Getting ready for changes tomorrow. 

Heres a pic of my district. The crazy one is Elder Sant, my DL in the CCM, hes my zone leader now. We have a great zone! VIVA APOPA!

Love you all soooo very much!

Hermana Infanzon

PS- sorry this was really scatterbrained.


I mean, I dont have much time to write cuz I was watching the Philadelphia Stake Missionaries video but thats ok! It was so beauitful! Who ever made that, props to them! I love our stake. And Im so proud of all the missionaries out there serving! It was a great feeling of strength to see all the youth
All I really want to share with you are my feelings. I love my life!
I have realized this past year the importance of being grateful ALWAYS. Its not important the circumstance were in.
This week was crazy/hard/fun/great. We had lots of little trials and tests. Satan didnt want us to forget he was there. But we didnt let it get to us!
The day of Carlos baptism was full of challenges but we just tried solving the problem through prayer, patience, and gratitude. Everything turned out great! Orlando baptized him and Carlitos went up to share his testimony afterwards to express his feelings. All he could say was that he wad happy because he felt clean. Then Orlando went up to bear his testimony and said the sweetest things about me, that I was an angel sent to his family. I was bawling. After such a tough day and trying to keep everything and everyone good, that just broke me. I was so happy for Carlos and I knew it was all worth it.
God wants us to be grateful in any circumstance. We tend to wait until after a trial to thank God, but what about during the trial? Why dont we look at the blessings in a challenge? I have tried to develop that ability and it has brought me alot of happiness.
This week really was hard, but I didnt feel it. I am so grateful for the many blessings God has given me. Every day He is watching over me.
And you!
Dont forget! We are children of a loving Heavenly Father!
Hermana Infanzon

PS- Dad sorry I didnt have time to write you but special shout out to you. Congrats on your calling! YOU ARE THE COOLEST CONVERT EVERRRR!!
Read this talk and count your many blessings:


Buenos dias!

Well, this week was good! It hasnt been so eventful so Ill just recap the highlights.

Jason is progressing well. His mom wants him to be baptized next weekend so well see what his dad says this time.

Carlitos passed his interview! His baptism is on Saturday. His mom lives in New Jersey and I talked to her the other day and she said she wants to go to church up there! Im gonna try to send her info to you mom and if not, Ill probably visit her when I get home. She lives like an hour away from Philly.

Oh my gosh, Luis, Carlitos, uncle in law, is so prepared! Weve been focusing on his aunt, Joana, who has lots of doubts but is slowly getting there. Little did we know her companion was golden this whole time! He just worked alot so we didnt really get to see him. But we started teaching him too and he accepts everything! He loves the church and goes alone with Orlando, his father in law. Their relationship is great so its not weird that they go without Joana. But we really want to get her on board. We talked to them about marriage last night and they said they want to do it! But they are gonna talk about a date. Hna De L aTorre and I are gonna help Luis propose to Joana in a cute simple way so that she cant refuse haha. 

But yeah, an example of how great he is. Joana doesnt really believe in the Book of Mormon still. She thinks its taken from the Bible and written by Jispeh Smith. So in one of the lessons Luis is like, well from what I can see, Jospeh Smith was just an instrument in Gods hands to translate it. But it was written in ancient times by prophets to prophecy the coming of Christ. Thats just what I understood. he does that all the time! Takes the words right out of our mouths before we even explain it to him. Its so fun to teach him for that haha.

What else is new...well theres a plague going around here called the Chincongua or something. Dont worry about me! Im in the missionary bubble so nothing really affects us (knock on wood) but the whole ward is bedridden! So weve been visiting lots of members this week. Apparently it starts with a fever, then pain in the bones, then a rash breakout, and then they can barely walk for a few days. It sounds terrible, and literally everyone has it! But like I said, weve been miraculously exempt.

Ive been studying a bunch lately! Im trying to gain a deeper understanding of the doctrine we teach so that I can teach it more simply. Strange how it works like that, but it does. I am so grateful for the scriptures! They are full of hidden treasure and if we just study them we will understand why we are here and what we must do to gain eternal life! Read them all day erry day and you will be blessed! I promise!

So, I hope youre all doing great. Keep the pics coming, theyre my favorite. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2 months pero soooo not looking forward to ending this amazing adventure! I was reading my journal last night of my first week on the mission and wow, alot has changed. I have learned so much its amazing. 

Well, I love you all!

Your daughter, sister, best friend, missionary,

Hermana Infanzon

Pics- another pair of shoes eaten up by the rocky Salvadoreñean streets
      -my lion hair and my comp

Knowledge is Power 8/25/14

This weeeeek
Monday- chill day. oh but except for a mindblowing deep doctrine study with Hno Mitchel! He is one of the smartest people i ever met and he gave us missionaries a huge 3 hour study of the worlds chronology of the dispensations and apostasies of the world. it was so epic, I loved it! It increased my faith immensely as well as I understand truly why this is the restored church of Christ. My comp and I have put goals to increase in knowledge because it really gives us more power and authority in the way we teach. im telling you, this gospel is amazing! As I grow to understand more of Gods plan, I strive to be more obedient because the blessings are just too great to not work for! Knowledge truly is power.
Tuesday- I dont remember if I told you about our new investigator William? But hes just great. Hes so tranquilo and happy all the time. And he can dance! He gave a classd to the Relief Society that was similar to Zumba but more latino. They were dying at the end but all the relief society sisters love him now haha.
Wednesday- It was a very normal, successful day! We saw many miracles as we tried to work through the Spirit.
Thursday- A Seventy came to give us a special conference. Elder Ochoa, from the area presidency. He helped us so much! My favorite part was his focus on teaching repentence from the start. If we call these people to repentance, we will know who wants to change and who doesnt. The time here is short, and we are looking for those who are prepared. I learned this lesson a little late in my mission, but I have seen such a difference as Ive understood this. I invite all of my missionary friends to exercise faith in not wasting time with those who you already know arent going to progress. God has people waiting for you right around the corner! As Ive exercised my faith to leave unprogressing investigators, heavenly Father has put 2 prepared in my path! Its not our job to convince, but to invite. Also, Hna Winters and I sang a musical number (the one Kayla and I sang at my farewell. the medly of i know that My Redeemer Lives and I Feel My Saviors Love) and at the end of the conference Elder Ochoa asked us to sing it again and I thought he was going to record us and show it to the prophet haha but after his final testimony we sang it and everyone was crying, including him. So we made a General Authority cry. But it wasnt us, it was the Spirit! So I dont take credit. But I truly am grateful for the gift of music because it is a beautiful way to tesify of the Savior.
Friday- We found Jason! His dad didnt give him permission to be baptized yet and then suddenly he was very difficult to find (Satan) and we were worried about him. We found him on Friday and thankfully he is still excited to be baptized! His dad told him that if he learns a little more he will allow him. We would like to explain to his dad that knowledge isnt as important as doing (which Jason is doing!) but he lives far away, and so we made plans with Jason to go to seminary for a month. Hopefully it will help!
Saturday- Wow, the son in law of Orlando is way prepared! Its strange cuz Orlandos daughter, Joana, isnt totally on board yet, but Luis totally wants to be baptized! Theyre just living together without being married so we have to change that... Also, we found a super prepared joven, Manuel! He is so ready to learn about the gospel. The Spirit was super strong from the moment we met him and we felt really guided to his house cuz we didnt even consider going to his house before and he was there all along, waiting to hear the truth!
Sunday- Luis came to church on his own! He loved it. Also, we recieved a blessing from the bishop. To missionaries, I seriously suggest that! Recieving a blessing from your bishop everytime you go to a new area helps you see his vision and unites you as a team in missionary work. He said some things that have changed our vision and are going to be a great blessing for the ward!
I bear testimony that Jesus Christ lives and He directs this work. My hope is that we all capture the vision and thrust in our sickle! As you share the blessings of the gospel with others, the prophecies of the ancient prophets fulfill. We already know the outcome, its depends on us if we will be a part of this great work when the Lord again gathers Israel. Study about it, learn why you are here on the earth today, and pray to know how you can help hasten the work. Its a blessed time in which we live! I pray for you all and love you unconditionally.
Hermana Infanzon
PS- Photos of Samuels baptism cuz I dont think they sent last week!

Hola de El Salvador! 8/18/14

Hey everyone!
It was a really great week! It was long but so gratifying.

Monday- President gave us permission to watch a movie!!!! Thats a really big deal for us. Were an old school mission, I freaked out when they gave us cellphones, cmon now. We watched a Pioneer movie- Ephraims Rescue. It was funny and inspiring! 

Tuesday- We have 3 sectors in our area, Los Angeles, Castillo, and El Angel. We have focused on Los Angeles for a while and have neglected the other parts so Tuesday we just went contacting in Castillo...and everyone rejected us. We had our own little mini trek that day. But the best part was Hermana De La Torre and I stayed positive the whole day and we didnt feel the heat at all. Its a wonderful lesson I have learned, just thinking positively can change a bad situation to good. Also, we made lunch for Joana, Orlandos daughter. It was a mezcla of lots of random stuff!

Wednesday- We had another Sisters Conference. I think were like 30 sisters in the mission and like half of them have already been my companion (I have had 12!) so its really fun to get together. Hermana De La Torre and I gave a training on using Preach My Gospel. Its our holy scripture as missionaries! But the prophet has a bigger vision and he wants us to use it as members too, so I invite you to buy one and read it! It will make you a better brother, sister, parent, friend, its just great.

Thursday- Found a new investigator named Pablo who has never felt right in one church and hes been asking God to help him find a church that makes him feel good. Once his comes in, hell never wnt to leave! We just gotta get him in first haha.

Friday- More contacting our hundreds of referrals and no luck. But we knew Heavenly Father was preparing us for something good, so we went into a corner and said a quiet prayer to help guide us to His prepared children. Then I felt inspired to visit a member family, Familia Vasquez. When we got there just 2 of the kids were home, but once we started singing a hymn, their cousin showed up and they were like come on in! He looked familiar to me and he told me we met at church on Tuesday cuz he came to give a dance class to the Relief Society for their activity. Then we started teaching him and he said he wanted to be a member of the church because he never felt so welcomed and loved anywhere before. Hes set to be baptized in September! It was a huge blessing for me and Hermana De La Torre after a long day.

Saturday- Super successful day! Before lunch we had 5 lessons with member, and then we went to a baptism for the hermanas. Orlando baptized Ricardo! He did a great job, so proud of him.
Then in the evening was Samuels baptism. He didnt show the first hour and didnt answer his phone. We were worried about him and said a prayer that hed get there alright. Well he showed up 10 minutes later safe and sound! But there was a huge storm outside and he was riding his motorcycle from University and almost fell off getting there! But all went well. Melvin baptized him perfectly! Despite our fear since Melvin is really lanky and Samuel cholo. It was a beautiful baptism!

Sunday- Beautiful day! Luis Orlandos son in law accepted a fecha! and lots of other miracles! 

But time just ran out. Love you all!

Hermana Infanzon

IM STILL IN APOPA! :) 8/11/14

I was suprised that Hermana Merrell and I were changed on Wednesday, we only had a short time together but it was wonderful! But good news is, IM STILL IN APOPA! And I couldnt be happier. I love this area and ward so much. They are such willing people and we are all working so well together. So this Wednesday Hermana Dumay went home :( It was so bittersweet! I knew it wasnt goodbye cuz im totally going to visit her in the Dominican Republic, but it was so sad! She has had such a great impact on all of the sisters in the mission. It was hard to see her go.

But, my new companion is so amazing! Im with Hermana De La Torre from Ecuador. Her name is sweet- De La Torre aka Of the Tower. Hermana Of The Tower. She has really long hair too so everyone comments on our hair. Oh the hermanas with long hair, they say. So thats fun. We work really well together and I just love her guts! I feel like I am improving on alot of things because we are both striving to be better everyday.
Samuel passed his interview and is getting baptized on Saturday! He will be the pioneer in his family. His 17 yr old brother is also getting interested so were hoping to work with him too. His mom seems willing but his dad is kind of controlling and going to a prophetic church, so his mom cant really come, although she seems to like it. The dad doesnt believe in the trinity and so hes kinda closed off right now to coming the church. He listens to us though so hopefully well get through to him and get the whole family to church!
Jason is preparing for his baptism. hes a cool kid and loves serving with the young men so they all get along with him already, were just praying his dad will let him cuz he seems a little hesitant.
Orlandos grandson is getting baptized on the 30th! Carlitos is so excited, he loves going to church with his grandpa. Speaking of Orlando, he blessed the sacrament on Sunday!! It was so great! He came with a white shirt and tie for the first time! He did a great job, we helped him practice the night before cuz he was so nervous. He reminds me of dad a little, and he treats me like his daughter while im here. Also, miracle! His daughter Joana and her boyfriend and baby came to church for the first time! It was a miracle cuz weve tried to get them to come for a while now but they dont seem very interested. They showed up to support him though, and they liked it! Orlando has 3 kids, 2 live here so were trying to teach them and the other lives in New York so were trying to get the missionaries to her there. She the mom of Carlitos and apparently she wants to go to church in NY so Im totally gonna try and get in conatct with her when i get home! Roadtrip!
So the work is going great, Im loving love and doing my best. I am seeing the blessings of the Lord abundantly. I know He wants to bless us and thats why He asks us to be obedient to Him, because then he is bound to bless us!
Funny stories anyone? We had a battle with the cucarachas Saturday night! It was ridiculous! They were swarming Hermana Winters suitcase, and I videotaped it all. We were screaming and running around the house trying to kill them all for like 20 minutes. I dont even know how they got in but I was freaking out. I hate cockroaches so much....so much.
Also, one of our members whos an RM, Guillermo, was gonna go out with us but he never showed up. I thought he ditched us but his car broke down and his phone wasnt charged and he was all the way in Santa Ana. But we didnt know that at the time. So we were walking home at night and I saw a car parked in the middle of the street that looked just like his and I said to Hna De La Torre, Oh, this is guillermo, lets go. And I walked right up to the drivers seat and kinda stuck my head in and started to say "Ya va a ver Guillermo" like jokingly chastising him. But it wasnt him. It was a gordito man. And it was extremely awkward cuz I tucked my head in a strangers car. And then I awkwardly said, Well, youre not Guillermo. Have a good evening! And walked away. We were cracking up afterwards. Oops!
Nathan turned a year last week! Happy bday baby Nathan! Cant wait to meet you!

Shannie! Happy 15th! Dont grow up anymore, please and thank you.
Uncle Rich, happy 66th! Love ya Cubano!
PS- Cant wait to get a puppyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! So excited!!!!! Thanks mom!!! Dream come true!!!! Send me pics of her when you get her fam!!! 

Love, Hermana Infanzon

This is My Work and My Glory 8/4/14

Hello! This week was miraculous! 

First things first, there are changes this week and i am so not willing to go! Just kidding, of course I am, I will do whatever they tell me, but I dont want to leave Apopa so pray for me! And I LOVE my comp so we dont wanna leave each other! 

This week we worked hard and it seemed like no one wanted to hear us or accept us, a couple baptism dates fell and we didnt have many members to leave with (everyone is getting Dengue these days). One day in specific, Saturday, there hadnt been many people at home so we went to a members house, the Argueta family. I was feeling a little disappointed in myself because we hadnt had any lessons with members that day and it was already 7 oclock. We shared with them the scripture in Moses 1:39-

39 For behold, this is my awork and my bglory—to bring to pass the cimmortality and deternal elife of man.

I felt such peace as we read the scripture with them. My heart was full and I felt like I heard my Father say "Thank you for all your hard work. It is enough. You are doing enough. I am grateful and happy with your service" I was overcome with gratitude for the opportunity to be a missionary, even though I hadnt seen the results. I knew as I still know that it is all worth it. There is no effort wasted as a missionary. If we do our best, He will work the miracles. And despite all of the rejections we ended the week successfully! Our numbers were better than ever, we had 63 lessons this week! I felt happy all day and I kept my purpose in mind and kept working as always.
I realize why God is always happy- he is always serving us! Thats his full time job- can you imagine the joy He feels? I have felt a glimpse of it as a full time missionary. All of you parents Im sure have felt it serving your children. Everything you do is for them that they may grow up strong and happy. It is your work to help them a successful life. It is your glory when they follow your counsel and become powerful individuals. Thats how our Father in Heaven feels when one of His children achieves eternal life. All of His work (and the Son`s) is paid off when we are obedient to the gospel principles. He glories in our obedience!

He is asking us to help all of His children recieve eternal glory. He is very grateful when we participate in His work. I love this work and I will never stop doing it! I will never be the same person I was, it doesnt make sense! I have already found true happiness in service. 

I pray that our Father will give you the desire to serve and I know that you will feel the satisfaction of serving others as I have. If you feel you dont have the desire or time, or if you feel unworthy to do it, pray for His help. Ask forgiveness for unrepented sins and you will feel the Saviors atoning power. Help Him hasten His work and glory!

I love you!

Hermana Infanzon

Why We Share the Gospel 7/28/14

It was a great week! We had our Noche de Talentos which was a success, we are preparing for our baptisms in August, and continuing to find new prepared children of God!

The Talent Night was so fun! This ward is full of talented people. The young men did a really cool dance to the song Crazy Madrid by the Jabawakees. Oh and our mission leader and ward missionaries did a hilarious lipsync, they dressed up like an 80s band and they all had crazy names-our mission leader Hno Noe was "Mybaby" the guitarist. I was crying of laughter. I´ll show you the video one day! And then us 4 missionaries sang a medley of "I Know that my Redeemer Lives" "I Feel my Saviors Love" and "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing". It sounded great! And the primary did some cute little dances! They were so precious!

Oh and the best part was when our investigator Jason went up! I was so surprised cuz hes a timid 12 year old boy but he wanted to lip sync and he was went all out with it! I guess theres a little hidden rockstar in everyone haha. His mom was so proud!

The members loved it, it was a great night and we had nonmembers come too. The members are just loving all the missionary hype around here. We have a lot of new members coming in, speaking of which- Orlando is doing great! He is loving being a member now and is preparing to go to the temple to have his wife and parents baptized.

And wow, Samuel is so ready to be baptized! He works at a call center all day and his friends noticed he wasnt drinking coffee and they were giving him a hard time about it but he kept his ground and didnt drink it. Before he was drinking 5 cups a day! And now down to 0. He was telling us that when he attended Orlandos baptism all he wanted was to be there himself. And Melvin is so shocked to see Samuel so different because he was apparently one of the most rebellious kids in the school. He shared with us his desire to change for his future kids one day. Hes going to be a bishop one day, I just know it!

We also have bapstisms coming up for Jason, Hermana Guadalupe and Margarita. Guadalupe is like my little grandmother, she is so sweet and Margarita is trying to get a divorce to be baptized, so were working hard with them!

I have felt so grateful for my Heavenly Father for giving me this opportunity to serve Him in such a gratifying way. I have gained a very personal testimony of His divinity. The mission has really changed my life. I feel so close to God and I understand His plan better than I ever have before. I pray that you can all take part in this work, it really changes your life and the life of so many others!

We share the gospel because its our purpose. As Elder Christofferson said,

"We are all asked to be missionaries. And to be effective in sharing   the gospel of Jesus Christ, we must have this purpose in our mind, feel it in our heart, accept it in our soul, and act upon it. When we do, it both inspires and guides us in sharing the gospel. We must keep clear the distinction between the purpose of sharing the gospel, on the one hand,and the means of achieving that purpose, on the other hand.
It is not our purpose just to participate in discussions about the gospel or to talk to anyone and everyone we can about the Church or merely to set goals and make plans. These things are important, but they are a means to an end, and that end is bringing people to Christ."

“Missionary work is an identifying feature of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Always has it been; ever shall it be. As the Prophet Joseph Smith declared, 'After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel.' ”
President Thomas S. Monson, “Come, All Ye Sons of God,” Liahona, May 2013

 Keep praying for personal opportunities to share the gospel everyday with someone and I promise the Lord will give you the means to do so. Also, watch this video of a family who shares the gospel in simple ways and look for the ways they prepared themselves in the beginning and end of their day. They are essential steps in preparing ourselves to share the gospel. And next week I would love to hear about your experiences!

Love you all!

Hermana Infanzon

Busiest time of my mission 7/21/14

Wow! What a weekend! The week was great, as always, but I had one of the busiest weekends of my mission. Honestly, this is the busiest time of my mission period. There is so much work going on because there are so many people who want to be baptized and the ward is really excited and sharing the gospel with everyone. Its so amazing! Anyway-

Monday- interviews with President Vasquez. I loved hearing his vision for the mission. He is very obedient to the promptings of the Spirit and he is making great plans to work more with our leaders to establish the Church. He also shared a beautiful example about the Atonement and the need of a Savior. It reminded me of how badly I want to hear the words that the prophet Enos describes on the day of Judgement

 27 And soon go to the place of my restwhich is with myRedeemer; for know that in hishall restAnd rejoice in theday when my mortal shall put on immortalityand shall standbefore him; then shall see his face with pleasure, and he will sayunto me: Come unto me, ye blessed, there is place prepared foryou in the mansions of my Father. Amen.

Tuesday- We found alot of prepared people that already know about the church by family or friends.

Wednesday- We are working with Jason, a returning members son who is preparing for baptism. The YM President Hno Perez came with us and really helped the family. I love our leaders!

Thursday- Samuel is a friend of Melvin, one of our faithful ward missionaries. Funny story, Samuel and Melvin were school companions and Samuel used to bully Melvin. Now he is different and wants to repent of his past life. It is amazing how forgiving Melvin is, he actually thinks its funny and they are good friends now. The gospel changes people in so many ways! Samuel is going to be baptized in August if he stops drinking coffee. Pray for him!

Friday- We had a Sisters Conference (hence the picture) It was great! They focused on feeling the Spirit and taking care of our area like Queen Ester took care of her people. Also, Pres focused more on how to establish the church and not just baptize. We arent baptize to grow numbers, we want to help others come unto Christ. 

Saturday- Orlandos baptism! I am so proud of him! He is like my father figure here. What a humble repented man. I feel unbelievably grateful to see such a change in a person. I love him very much and Im excited to help his family come to the knowledge of the gospel too! Orlando, now Hno Navarro, wants to be with his family more than anything. Hes been inviting everyone to church and his grandsons (YM age. Can you say future missionaries?) came! Angelito was also baptized and his brother Daniel did it. The ward is very happy to have them part of the ward and they are working hard to help them feel welcome and supported!

Sunday- We were contacting a few people but no one was home so we knocked on the house next door. There was a girl sitting there alone and we asked if we could share a message with her. When we talked about the authority to baptize she said, I have a question, Ive been wanting to get baptized these last few months but I dont know how I should do it. Could you help me? Well of course! I was so filled with joy to know that God guided us to one of His beloved daughters in need. It was a beautiful experience! Also, we had the best church attendance ever! We are almost at our goal. The ward is preparing for our Noche de Talentos this Saturday. Im so excited! I think many nonmembers will be coming. And Im gonna sing cuz the ward asked me too. Im grateful for the gift of music because it really brings the Spirit and they love it when I sing in English haha. 

The members understand that they are the full time finders and we are the full time teachers so we have been very busy teaching this week! There is a scripture we share with the members in D&C that says 

 28 And when the times of the Gentiles is come in, light shallbreak forth among them that sit in darkness, and it shall be thefulness of my gospel;

There are many people that recognize the light that we as members have but they dont know what it is. It is our job to tell them! We gave the ward a challenge this week to share the gospel everyday with someone different and write down their experiences and share them as a family. I want to give you the opportunity to do it too! It will bring a new light in your life as you share the light of Christ that you have in you. Heavenly Father wants all of his children to return to Him. We decided in the premortal life to have a critical role in helping our brothers and sisters on the path. Share it with everyone because they all deserve the chance to accept it. I long for the day to see my Father in Heaven and tell Him I did all I could to help anyone I could come unto Christ and be saved.

Sending all my love and prayers your way family!

Hermana Infanzon

Ps- The last picture is of me with Tajin! Its so delicious! Its a mix of sweet sour and spicy and I put it on everything. Did I mention how much my food taste has changed? I love spicy food now. Its weird. But I tried to overcome my fear of bananas and I just cant...I throw up everytime. But miracles happen! Maybe one day.

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