Thursday, March 3, 2016

Buenos dias!

Well, this week was good! It hasnt been so eventful so Ill just recap the highlights.

Jason is progressing well. His mom wants him to be baptized next weekend so well see what his dad says this time.

Carlitos passed his interview! His baptism is on Saturday. His mom lives in New Jersey and I talked to her the other day and she said she wants to go to church up there! Im gonna try to send her info to you mom and if not, Ill probably visit her when I get home. She lives like an hour away from Philly.

Oh my gosh, Luis, Carlitos, uncle in law, is so prepared! Weve been focusing on his aunt, Joana, who has lots of doubts but is slowly getting there. Little did we know her companion was golden this whole time! He just worked alot so we didnt really get to see him. But we started teaching him too and he accepts everything! He loves the church and goes alone with Orlando, his father in law. Their relationship is great so its not weird that they go without Joana. But we really want to get her on board. We talked to them about marriage last night and they said they want to do it! But they are gonna talk about a date. Hna De L aTorre and I are gonna help Luis propose to Joana in a cute simple way so that she cant refuse haha. 

But yeah, an example of how great he is. Joana doesnt really believe in the Book of Mormon still. She thinks its taken from the Bible and written by Jispeh Smith. So in one of the lessons Luis is like, well from what I can see, Jospeh Smith was just an instrument in Gods hands to translate it. But it was written in ancient times by prophets to prophecy the coming of Christ. Thats just what I understood. he does that all the time! Takes the words right out of our mouths before we even explain it to him. Its so fun to teach him for that haha.

What else is new...well theres a plague going around here called the Chincongua or something. Dont worry about me! Im in the missionary bubble so nothing really affects us (knock on wood) but the whole ward is bedridden! So weve been visiting lots of members this week. Apparently it starts with a fever, then pain in the bones, then a rash breakout, and then they can barely walk for a few days. It sounds terrible, and literally everyone has it! But like I said, weve been miraculously exempt.

Ive been studying a bunch lately! Im trying to gain a deeper understanding of the doctrine we teach so that I can teach it more simply. Strange how it works like that, but it does. I am so grateful for the scriptures! They are full of hidden treasure and if we just study them we will understand why we are here and what we must do to gain eternal life! Read them all day erry day and you will be blessed! I promise!

So, I hope youre all doing great. Keep the pics coming, theyre my favorite. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2 months pero soooo not looking forward to ending this amazing adventure! I was reading my journal last night of my first week on the mission and wow, alot has changed. I have learned so much its amazing. 

Well, I love you all!

Your daughter, sister, best friend, missionary,

Hermana Infanzon

Pics- another pair of shoes eaten up by the rocky SalvadoreƱean streets
      -my lion hair and my comp


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