Hola de El Salvador! 8/18/14

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hey everyone!
It was a really great week! It was long but so gratifying.

Monday- President gave us permission to watch a movie!!!! Thats a really big deal for us. Were an old school mission, I freaked out when they gave us cellphones, cmon now. We watched a Pioneer movie- Ephraims Rescue. It was funny and inspiring! 

Tuesday- We have 3 sectors in our area, Los Angeles, Castillo, and El Angel. We have focused on Los Angeles for a while and have neglected the other parts so Tuesday we just went contacting in Castillo...and everyone rejected us. We had our own little mini trek that day. But the best part was Hermana De La Torre and I stayed positive the whole day and we didnt feel the heat at all. Its a wonderful lesson I have learned, just thinking positively can change a bad situation to good. Also, we made lunch for Joana, Orlandos daughter. It was a mezcla of lots of random stuff!

Wednesday- We had another Sisters Conference. I think were like 30 sisters in the mission and like half of them have already been my companion (I have had 12!) so its really fun to get together. Hermana De La Torre and I gave a training on using Preach My Gospel. Its our holy scripture as missionaries! But the prophet has a bigger vision and he wants us to use it as members too, so I invite you to buy one and read it! It will make you a better brother, sister, parent, friend, its just great.

Thursday- Found a new investigator named Pablo who has never felt right in one church and hes been asking God to help him find a church that makes him feel good. Once his comes in, hell never wnt to leave! We just gotta get him in first haha.

Friday- More contacting our hundreds of referrals and no luck. But we knew Heavenly Father was preparing us for something good, so we went into a corner and said a quiet prayer to help guide us to His prepared children. Then I felt inspired to visit a member family, Familia Vasquez. When we got there just 2 of the kids were home, but once we started singing a hymn, their cousin showed up and they were like come on in! He looked familiar to me and he told me we met at church on Tuesday cuz he came to give a dance class to the Relief Society for their activity. Then we started teaching him and he said he wanted to be a member of the church because he never felt so welcomed and loved anywhere before. Hes set to be baptized in September! It was a huge blessing for me and Hermana De La Torre after a long day.

Saturday- Super successful day! Before lunch we had 5 lessons with member, and then we went to a baptism for the hermanas. Orlando baptized Ricardo! He did a great job, so proud of him.
Then in the evening was Samuels baptism. He didnt show the first hour and didnt answer his phone. We were worried about him and said a prayer that hed get there alright. Well he showed up 10 minutes later safe and sound! But there was a huge storm outside and he was riding his motorcycle from University and almost fell off getting there! But all went well. Melvin baptized him perfectly! Despite our fear since Melvin is really lanky and Samuel cholo. It was a beautiful baptism!

Sunday- Beautiful day! Luis Orlandos son in law accepted a fecha! and lots of other miracles! 

But time just ran out. Love you all!

Hermana Infanzon


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