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Thursday, March 3, 2016

How is your Monday going? I just had my last interview with my president because hes going home in June :( It was very spiritual, hes helped me alot in my mission and in my life. Hes a big bear and so loving but very strict, which is great because it taught me EXACT obedience, which is good because we ALL know that i needed that lesson haha. Especially you mom and dad. Sorry for all the struggles I gave you in life! I repent! Haha

Well then, I have some funny/awkward/spiritual stories for you this week!

So we left the other day with a member Osiris and she brought her 5 year old son Guillermo who is just a RIOT. He is the most hyperactive boy I have ever met. We were visiting an hermana who lives up on a hill and on the way down Guillermo was running it and we told him to stop cuz he was going to fall and he didnt listen. All of the sudden a creepy clown showed up at the end of the hill with his arms open to catch Guillermo. Little did we know that Guillermo had a traumatizing experience with clowns as a toddler and when he saw the clown he stopped in his tracks, turned around and booked it to his mom! It was the most random thing ever, we were dying of laughter! Guille learned his lesson that day to listen to his mom. So the moral of the story is LISTEN TO YOUR MOM AND DAD

I also had a traumatizing experience this week slash funny. We took a member out for the first time whos from another ward named Hno Galan. He was a returned missionary who served in Nicaragua. So when we got to the lesson and watched The Restoration with them, the dad came in and he is extreeemely Evangelical so he started contending with my sweet comp Hermana Henrie while she was in the middle of sharing her testimony. Then Hno Galan got up and stood right in front of Mario (the dad) and started contending with him. They were going at it for about 10 minutes. I tried to stop it but they just kept going. It was crazy awkward. I didnt feel the spirit at all, and I know thats the only way we can teach- by the Spirit Moral of this story CONTENTION DRIVES THE SPIRIT AWAY. DONT DO IT.

So we were fasting yesterday because our baptisms for the month fell and we were trying to figure out what to do. We have an eternal investigator named Celina whos the daughter of a recent convert and wants to be baptized but didnt want to break up with her encarceled boyfriend and keep the Law of Chastity soo...but yesterday she came up to us after church and said she wanted to be baptized and didnt have any problems with her bf now. It was so unexpected! A miracle that God sent us for faithful fasting. I invite you all to fast with more intention- I see miracles EVERY TIME I do it.

Jose also came to church for the first time! We found him not too long ago and he told us he went to church a few times like 20 years ago. We asked him if he wanted to keep coming and change his life for the better and he said yeah, the only challenge was "las mujeres" He explained to us how women have been a temptation for men since the fall of Adam. it was really awkward for us...

But oh my goodness it was such a beautiful Sunday! This ward is FULL of great faithful members. All the young men went to the temple Saturday morning and did baptisms and indexed and they all bore their testimonies about it. I feel very confident for the future of missionary work!
Also we work with another pair of sisters in the ward and one of their investigators went up to bear his testimony about how he was grateful for the missionaries who helped him change his life around and how he wanted to have an eternal family and everything- it was so sweet! We were so happy for them. 
There is an awesome national activity happening in April AND in May. In April were gonna clean a big river that goes through all of the country. And in May they are having a Family Week in all of Central America where all the members are going to invite families to a weeklong event at church. We are REALLY excited!

Anyway, keep up the great work good and faithful servants!

Hermana Infanzon


  1. hahaha I'm dying of laughter right now... I remember these moments well


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