LA MORDIDA 9/16/14

Thursday, March 3, 2016

First of all, sorry for not writing yesterday, it was El Salvadors Independence Day so we were quarentined in the house. So today is Pday. Moving on.

Oh my crazy week!

Monday: Really fun day with the zone just hanging out and laughing. The only chill day of the week. THEN

Tuesday: We went to the mission office to pick up a new phone and its in centercity. I felt weird being there because people were dressed nicer and were all running around, in contrast to Apopa I was overwhelmed haha. The office elders had to pick up the phone from another place so we were in the office for a while doing nothing. I was dying! I dont know how I sat around for hours before. So after that we took a pitstop for lunch at Wendys and the assistants called me in the middle of my order and told me I would be training. So I kinda lost my appetite then haha. No, Im excited to be training! I love training. Its a great experience. Im also grateful Ill be finishing my mission like that, because going back to the basics is always good!

Wednesday: We went to Ilopango for the trainers meeting and it took half the day. By the time we got back to work, it was late in the afternoon. Crazy story! Hna D and I were contacting a man in front of his house and his dog came out and started barking really angry at us. My comp is very scared of dogs so she asked if the dog bites and the man said No, dont worry, he doesnt bite. But it looked mad (I think it smelled her fear) and she asked him to put the dog away but he didnt do anything. Then we started leaving because the guy wasnt interested and the dog ran out and bit my companion on the back of her leg! Mind you we were in the middle of nowhere and we didnt have anyones number because we had just gotten the phone. She was bleeding everywhere, the dog bit a huge chunk out of her leg and I was in shock. We finally got her to the hospital in a taxi and they stitched her up. We were there all night. And the bishop and Angel family were with us trying to cheer her up. I got a sick picture! But Im not gonna show it to you til after the mission haha.

Thursday: We went back to the clinic.

Friday: Back to the clinic.

Saturday: Back to the clinic.

Haha I feel like I havent worked in my area at all this week, but we miraculously had good numbers. And dont worry about my companion, shes completely fine and already walking normal again! Just a little traumatized. But she has been so patient in everything, I look up to her for that. And now shes leaving me and I am getting my new compie tomorrow!
But the ward has been so great in helping us, I dont know what we would do without them. I am sooooo happy Im dying in Apopa! But its gonna be so hard to leave. I just love everyone here so much. All I can do is give it my all this last change! 

I also look forward to all the great things going on at home. Especially that I can meet Nathan in 6 weeksyakhfdhnacfiñhgqdfad :) :) :) Hes so cuuuuute I cant even handle it.

But anyway, I have learned a lot this week. Something interesting Ive been reading in my personal study is how the church stayed afloat by the apostles after Christs death until the great apostasy. Its found in the Epistles and it makes perfect sense why we needed a restoration! We found a new investigator this week who is so prepared! Jasons baptism is on Saturday! Carlos got confirmed on Sunday. All the converts are doing great! Everyones great! Im great! Getting ready for changes tomorrow. 

Heres a pic of my district. The crazy one is Elder Sant, my DL in the CCM, hes my zone leader now. We have a great zone! VIVA APOPA!

Love you all soooo very much!

Hermana Infanzon

PS- sorry this was really scatterbrained.


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