Thursday, March 3, 2016

Feliz mañana folks!

Caseface. 25. How did that happen? But youre still young, wild, and free. With a baby! I hope you enjoyed youre first birthday as a mama! Love you sis!

Kayla! 13. A true teen! Please dont grow up on me too fast! But I knew this day would come. Hope you enjoyed your birthday Kaykay! But youll always be my little chubby baby sister

Papi! Turnin the big 60 on Thursday! What a blessing you have been to all of us girls. Thanks for raisin me well. Enjoy your first bday as a grandpa! Lovins you!

Well, its been a week of changes. Good ones! Wednesday we had change meeting and Pres Glazier and Hna Glazier gave their last advice. The focus was on faith. I have learned so much on faith in my mission and my testimony of the importance of faith has grown a lot!

We are very excited to meet Prez and Hermana Vasquez tomorrow! Were gonna have a get to know you meeting with them and our zone tomorrow morning. Funny little story. Friday night we were going to the Stake Presidents house to visit and I called Pres Sorto to open the gate. Well I wasnt looking at the phone and I accidently dialed Pres Vasquez. Its kinda a big deal to call the mission president, and moreso because Pres Glazier told us not to call them at all as they were moving in and very busy. So he answered the phone and I said Hola President! Can you open the gate? And he was like, who is this? And I was like Hermana Infanzon (duh) and he said, Hna Infanzon, Im President Vasquez, how can I help you?
oops! I told him sorry President, I meant to call the stake prez...but whats up? haha. I played it cool and said we love you guys already, cant wait to meet you on Tuesday! he then asked me a couple questions about our area and wished me a good night. The hermanas got a good laugh on that.

Hna Infanzon and Hna Merrell together at last! We served together in Americas (hence the old photo) and I prophesied that wed be compies. My prophecy was fulfilled! Hna Merrell was in my history class at BYUI so thats cool. Shes great! She has many strengths thats Im excited to learn about. Were doing a lot of member missionary work right now.

Well, love you all! 
Our investigators are doing great! Baptisms to come!

I love the mission, its the most amazing experience Ive ever had. Much better than jumping out of an airplane! 

Keep the faith peeps!

Hermana Infanzon


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