Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kyra! Happy birthday! Sorry its belated. Also, I sent you a package but it went to Peru by mistake so...
 Ill send you one soon!
You are my bestest of best friends. I am so grateful to have you in my life. Although were far away, I constantly pray for your safety and success. Its a blessing to be serving the Lord together. I know you are in Colorado for a reason, to change many lives! You are giving people salvation for goodness sakes! Thats some pretty big service youre doing, there. I know God is with you at all times. I am always with you! I love you with all my heart and i am so proud of you for your service. im grateful for your sacrifice to serve and i look up to you. And youre beautiful! Why cant I look like a babe on my mission?
This is the last week with President Glazier and the first week we will have Pres Vasquez! I am so grateful for all the lessons Pres Glazier told me but so excited for Pres Vasquez! He was my branch president in the Guatemala CCM and he is an amazing man! Of all the people God could have called, He chose Bruno Vasquez. I know he is going to help us work miracles here in the mission.
 It was a great week with our amazing investigators!
Our recent convert, Celina, and her mom are working really hard on their dad, Ismael. He has never gone to any church since a month ago. He was a very unreligious man. But he started coming to church with his family and now he feels his faith growing. He used to ignore us when we came to the house but now he warmly welcomes us and attacks us with a bunch of questions about the Book of Mormon. Hes still a little nervous to be baptized but we are so happy to see this family progressing in the gospel. We are going to invite him to be baptized tonight! Wish us luck!
Orlando is an investigador de oro! (Hes golden!) We found him drunk on his doorstep one morning and he admitted he drank to forget the pain of his wifes death. We gave him the plan of Salvation pamphlet and told him wed come back the next day. Well, it turns out we couldnt find him for a month. But from the first day we started teaching him, he was prepared! He told us he stopped having the desire to drink the day he met us and he didnt know why. Also, he has expressed to us many times how he feels his faith growing. He came to the church for the first time yesterday and he said he felt so good, so different, he couldnt explain it. He is reading the Book of Mormon and is learning alot. He is such a humble man and he is so excited for his baptism on the 17th of July. Its times like these that I feel like im doing my job. I love to see people change their lives through the gospel!

Also, we have an eternal investigator who is suddenly extremely interested in the church! Hes the husband of a less active and never listened to us. We always visited his wife (well, theyre not married so, his companion) and he sat in, but he didnt satrt acting until recently. The ward 1st counselor is his childhood friend and once we found that out, we asked him to visit with us. Well, I dont know what changed, but Hno Ortiz touched something is his heart and now he wants to come to church and read the Book of Mormon. it was a total miracle to see him show up on Sunday!
We also have a VERY less active, Rosalia, that finally came on Sunday! Another miracle!
I feel like all of these miracles on Sunday mean I must be changing areas, but who knows. I have complete trust that the Lord will send me or keep me where i need to be. I trust everything He does, He is God after all! My time in the mission has helped me truly strengthen my relationship with Heavenly father, that i dont doubt Him anymore. I just try to follow Him. And everything turns out well! His perfect plan never fails, so why dont we just give up fighting against it and go with the flow (into the waters of baptism) Thats what id like to tell our investigators sometimes. But everyone needs to learn that lesson for themselves. Christ did all the dirty work so that we just had to follow His path-
 27 Wherefore, men are afree according to the bflesh; and call things are dgiven them which are expedient unto man. And they are free to echoose fliberty and eternal glife, through the great Mediator of all men, or to choose captivity and death, according to the captivity and power of the devil; for he seeketh that all men might be hmiserable like unto himself.
 28 And now, my sons, I would that ye should look to the great aMediator, and hearken unto his great commandments; and be faithful unto his words, and choose eternal life, according to the will of his Holy Spirit;
Look to the Savior and choose eternal life!
Love, Hermana Infanzon
PS- to all my missionary friends! I would love to read about your mission experiences if you could send me your weekly emails if youre not yet! Youre all a great example to me and I need to learn more from you!


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