Week 20

Monday, September 30, 2013

Things are super good with us! It's getting hotter and I'm getting darker! Which makes me happy haha.

This week we had a funny experience...I left the keys in the house! (always the forgetful one) When we got home we couldn't enter and our vecino (neighbor) tried to help us open the door. Then it started raining really hard! It was crazy. But our bishop took us to the hermanas in Monte Cristo and it all worked out.

Dang! I literally have no time to finish! Sorry. But it was a boring week anyway. Just saving the world, no biggie. Haha but really it was a great week. 

Anyway I love you all!

Con amor, 
Hermana Infanzon

P.S.- I promise to have an essay next week.

Week 19

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos,

This week I really have been humbled by the Lord and I want to share my testimony with you all. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems going on in our ward- rumors, unworthy leaders, rocky marriages, drama between the bishop and some members. It's a shame because our investigators and menos activos (less actives) don't have a desire to go to church with this awkwardness there. As such, our focus has been lifting the members up from this struggle. I have heard a lot of life difficulties that members have shared with us that truly have changed my perspective of life. And have given me a newfound gratitude for the blessed life and righteous family I have. I seriously can't describe the love I have for each of you and the blessing you have been in my life. 

I know more than ever that the family is the most important social unit on this earth. And that Satan has put all his efforts on destroying it. But he lacks what we have because he rejected God's plan to come to earth to receive a body and a family. We made the choice to come, knowing the difficulties and obstacles that we would have, never forget that.

This life is the time to prepare to meet God (Alma 34:32). We can't do it without Him. I've tried, and it's brought struggles. He is LITERALLY our Father in Heaven and desires our happiness here, not just in the eternities! Just like you parents feel for your children, so He feels for us. And more. So strive to be happy. Think of the Savior in the good moments and the bad. He is always there to be our comforter. I can't think of a better friend.

I love this gospel with all of my heart. It brings light where there was darkness, peace where there was chaos, and hope where there was doubt. Have the faith to work miracles in your life. I know you can! I have seen changes in myself as I have relied on the strength of Him who is mighty to save. 

Con amor, 
Hermana Infanzon

P.S.- Enjoy the fall! Oh I miss the colors of Autumn. It's almost summer here-which means lots of wind! Yayyyy...

Week 18

Monday, September 16, 2013


How was your week? I hope it was great! 

My week was very good. One, because I got my package full of chocolate! Not. Haha it's okay, fambam, I still love you, but don't forget my obsession with Nutella. It hasn't gone away. But the package was awesome! The 2 weeks of love notes were such a cute idea and each note has helped me with something specific everyday. I couldn't be more lucky to have such a great support from you guys. 

And I finally have a camera! Graciassss. My comps and I had lots of fun taking pictures with the bigotes (mustaches) you sent us haha...sometimes I just put a mustache on in the house because it makes everything more fun and it makes my comps laugh.

Oh man, Hermana Broadhead and Hermana Martinez are so funny together! They are twins for sure! Always making jokes at each other and jokingly fighting over everything. Oh my niñas...they make my life better because they're so crazy and silly all the time. I have learned a lot from their examples and have grown as a missionary and just as a better person. 

Something that I learned this week was faith. Our ward is a little depressed right now and there were only 59 people at sacrament meeting. I never realized how much our attitude affected theirs and we're trying to cheer them up! My faith has been tested to know if they can really change but I know that through service and sharing the gospel with their friends that they will feel the Spirit more abundantly in their lives. We also had some baptismal dates fall through. It's hard when we're putting all our hearts and efforts into the lives of these people, and sometimes they just don't accept it and don't have the same desire to change. This is missionary work, though, doing all that you can, despite if you see the results or not. And who knows in the future, all we can do is plant the seed and it's up to them if it will grow.

Two things I've been very grateful for this week were the principle of faith and the gift of the Holy Ghost. I LOOOVE having the holy ghost so close with me! It's so different living without the guidance of the spirit and in the world. I realize how quiet the promptings of the spirit are and how careful we need to be to always be standing in holy places so that we can hear it. And in those moments are when he can testify to us the truth of all things. Wow, the Spirit is the best!! I encourage everyone to strive to have it more.

Well, until next time! Continue on being the great examples that you are! I'm gonna go buy some chocolate at Walmart now...haha love youuu!

Con amor,

Hermana Infanzon

Week 17

Monday, September 9, 2013

We had changes this week! They were quite nerve-racking but fun! I said my goodbyes to my mamita y entrenador (mom and trainer) Hermana Dumay and Hermana Walstrohm and welcomed 2 hijas (daughters) to Las Arboledas! Not 1, 2! I'm the mother to 2 beautiful daughters now haha. A latina and a gringa. I don't know how that worked out. Hermana Dumay was called to be the new set of leaders for the Hermanas with Hermana Hale. They're in Delgado, not too far from here! And Hermana Walstrohm is still in my district. How cool is that! My comps and I are doing really well together! They're so positive and ready to work, I love it! But being a mom is hard! Being on the other side of the companionship is very different. I've never felt more responsibility for the wellbeing of others. But I know this is Gods plan for me and if He knows I can do it, than I do too. It's amazing how much I've changed over these past few months. I'm grateful for the opportunity to make myself a better person while changing other people along the way. 

This week the R family came to church! They are doing so much better together, praying and reading the Book of Mormon as a family. It's awesome. Also, we taught R, one of our investigators, the Plan of Salvation. He said he had these questions all his life. It was the coolest thing to see his face change when he began to understand. Moments like that make it all worth it. I love the mission!

Sorry that I never have much time to write but I miss you all and I hope everything is going well in your lives! I pray for you always. Remember the Lord in every moment and you will ALWAYS be happy! That's a promise. He loves you so much and is waiting to hear from you like a loving Father would, so get on your knees and talk with Him. He will change your heart and make you better than you ever thought you could be. I know Heavenly Father has huge plans for all of you and I hope you're taking every opportunity to serve and show Him your gratitude.

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Infanzon

Week 16

Monday, September 2, 2013

This week I gave a talk in sacrament and la gente (the people) were a little tired so I did what they do in sacrament meeting at BYU-H and started with an ALOHAAA. Nobody had ever seen anything like it apparently haha and now they all say Aloha when they see me. What have I done?! haha jk.

Oh family and friends, how are you all? 
That picture you guys sent of Kyra's plaque on top of mine is too funny. She's literally "piggybacking" me haha. 

Parted but never truly apart! So proud of you Keeks!

Also, how crazy that Emily and Erica have already left? Take care of Philly for me, Erica! And can't wait to talk Spanish with you Emily and make Erica celosa (jealous) mwahaha.
Ashbabyyyy happy birthday! 7 already, va creer. Crecen tan rapido... (they grow up so fast)

So this week we had an amazing experience! We went to the temple as a zone with our investigators and recent converts. There were 2 buses full of us! Almost 100 investigators came. It is SUCH a blessing to have the temple nearby. The R family came and C especially had a great experience. They were able to enter the temple lobby and spend some time in there to ponder and feel the spirit. The mission president and temple president and their wives gave talks on the temple and we gave mini tours for them on the grounds. It was way fun! And I was super grateful for the opportunity to be there to receive the spiritual strength and peace that comes from being at la casa del Señor (the house of the Lord).

Also, we had intercambios (exchanges) again. Hermana Dumay went to Las Americas (donde nacio) (where she was born) and Hermana Hale came to Las Americas. She's on of our lideres de las hermanas (leaders of the sisters?). I learned a lot from her! She has the constant companionship of the spirit and teaches really well. I have seen a difference in my teaching since then, and have felt the spirit a lot stronger and constant in me. We had a lesson with the girlfriend of K, a member in the ward, and wow! It was so good! We gave her a tour of the capilla (chapel) and then taught her in the chapel. She felt the spirit so strong and started crying. She wants to be baptized and married in the temple. Well K practically proposed to her right there. 

We have seen some miracles this week but also some trials. Everyday I am more convinced that this is the only true church on the earth. Jesus Christ guides it through his prophet.  I am so grateful to represent the Savior in this area.

Ok I have no time left but I just want you to all know that I love this work and I hope you're taking part in it! If you can, watch the work of salvation broadcast from the church. The videos are legit!

Con amor, 

Hermana Infanzon

Photos from a zone conference

Photo from zona exitosa (most successful zone party)

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