Introducing Sister Nicki Infanzon!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hello all, this is Nicki's older sister Casey! I just wanted to give a little introduction to this blog and (although most of you probably know her already) a little introduction to my best friend Nicki:

Nicki has always been very strong willed, one of our dad's nicknames for her was 'imp' and I think all you need for proof of that is this adorable picture.

As Nicki has grown and matured, her strong will has become less annoying cute and more impressive. The moment she heard the announcement about the missionary age change, she decided she was going to serve! After completing her paperwork and waiting diligently by the mailbox, she received her call. She said that when she saw "You are assigned to labor in the El Salvador, San Salvador mission" she thought 'that's the place!' and over the next few months, she grew to love the people she would soon be meeting.

To the people of El Salvador, you are about to meet this imp and I know you will love her as much as I do! Her strong will is now an eye single to the glory of God and God's glory is "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." 

¡Buena suerte a mi hermana, Nicki! Que puede ayudar a nuestro Padre Celestial en Su trabajo y llevar muchas almas a √Čl.

Some info about how this blog will work:

  • The blog will be updated every Wednesday
  • The posts will be a copy of Nicki's weekly emails
  • The easiest way to reach her is through email but bear in mind, she only gets a short amount of time, once a week to write everyone! So "snail mail" is also a good way to go if you'd like a longer reply. 
  • You can find her current address here, I'll update it as she moves around
  • More info to come on how to send packages once I find out!


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