Week 3 - In the CCM

Thursday, June 6, 2013

So today marks the halfway point from my time in the MTC here. Whaaaaaa?
I totally can't believe it's already/only been 3 weeks. Some forewarning for you misioneros futura, every hour you change from feeling like the time is flying to feeling like you've been sitting in that one spot for an eternity.
NO CHISTE (no joke).
Okkkkkk so my week has been excelente! I really really reallyyyy love talking in Spanish. The Latinas here are so funny. We are always making jokes in Spanish. They tell me I'm really sassy and the people in Central America will like it. Also, when I told them I was part Cubana, they said I was full Latina in the premortal life but my tribulation on earth was to come down as a white girl and find my Latina side again hahahaha. So hilarious.

Also, I love this one companionship, Hermana Torres and Hermana Aranda. They're from Mexico and both going to Honduras. They are the best. I told them they can visit me in Philly after the mission and they told me to live with them in Mexico soooo. BIG PLANS.
What elseee. The food here gets better everyday. I'm so spoiled. Also, confession time. I've developed an ice cream addiction. There's this one kind of ice cream here that is sooo good. I try NOT to have it every meal buuut...don't be surprised if I leave here 30 pounds heavier. Lo siento, no lo siento (sorry, not sorry). Us oldies here (like 50 new nortes came last week) have deportes (sports) at night! It is so fun! I am getting better at volleyball cuz I play for like an hour everyday. Obsesseddd. I have lots of bruises from it too. They're my battle wounds. I'm proud.
Devotionals here have been amazing! There was one on diligence that got me pumped for the work, one on the Atonement that had me bawling from start to finish, and one with the area president on how to be an effective missionary. He basically said just love the people. Just like Uncle Mark was telling me about.
Hermana Foster and I are really improving on our teaching. If I could give any advice to a missionary not in the field yet, it would be to get to know the scriptures and preach my gospel well in your OWN language. And then you can work on the translation. But memorize scripture masteries and be familiar with the lessons. Also, bring visuals for them if you can. I wish I had brought some! Ok bien.
So the CCM here is under DRASTIC construction so it can fit more missionaries and be even more beautiful than it already is. So we've been class-less for a week. UNTIL they gave us the most gorgeous place ever to study! My district walks across the street everyday to where the temple is. They have this Spanish looking home that the church owns for people visiting the temple to stay at. It has a huge garden in the backyard and our classroom is this dining room with all windows that overlooks the garden and the hills in the background. I am in love with it. I wish I could take pictures :( but I will remember how it looks in my mind forever. It's literally paradise. Well, next to the temple. That's heaven on earth. I have gone 3 times since I've been here! I can't believe how lucky we are. I've had some really humbling and joyful experiences here in this temple that I will never forget. It's been a huge blessing in my life here.
Guatemala is beautifu and the most amazing thing happened last week. WE LEFT THE CCM. Don't get me wrong, I love this place, but I have only seen so little of Guatemala because we're locked in toda dia, cada dia (all day, every day). It's fine really, but going to the city was so legit. It got me pumped for the field! There are so many old fashioned buildings around here, I love it.
Ok so part of the fun of learning a new language is making ridiculous mistakes. I've had a few this week. My favorites are:

  • During almuerzo (lunch) I was telling the new latinas that they feed us a lot here but instead I said they eat us a lot. They got a good laugh out of that.
  • We were singing "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel" in class the other day and Hermana Foster was conducting. In spanish, it's called "Pon el Hombro a la Lid", but my companion kept saying "hombre", which translates to "put your man to the wheel". My teacher and I were the only ones that heard it and were laughing so much. Whatever. It means the same thing really.
  • And then yesterday this one Latina asked us if we knew where her companion was, and I tried to say maybe she's in your room. Room in Spanish is "cuarto". I said "cuerpo". So she thought I insulted her and said, I don't know, maybe she's in your body. I was so confused at her face at first until I realized what I said and then we laughed a lot. Ohhhh me.
Amanda! You're going to Venezuela in October??? That's so legit! Spanish speakers heyyyy. I'm waaay beyond excited for you. You're awesome Hermana Rawlins :)
Cathy, thank you for writing me! Isn't it awesome that Hermana Foster and I are companions? Total work of God. I can't believe you're leaving for Argentina so soon! Have muchoooo fun! Heck, this is the plan of HAPPINESS we're teaching after all, right?
Lil Payne, my mom told me you're having a baby! Felicidades (congratulations)! You totally helped prepare me for my mission by your example on yours. Thanks brother!
Kyra, one of my favoriteee hermanas here lives in your mission. Her name is Hannah Merrill. Be on the lookout for her family while you're there cuz she's awesome!
I love you guys. Keep reading the Book of Mormon. It's the word of God and it can answer all our questions. Also, the Atonement is the most amazing gift we have ever recieved, use it everyday.
LOVE YOU ALL! Til next week!

Con amor, 
Hermana Infanzon


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