Week 4 - In the CCM

Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 4!
2 weeks left til I go to El Salvador everyone! I can't wait. I'm having so much fun in the CCM but every time we go outside I want to jump on a bus and run away. I'm trying to work on exact obedience haha.
Sooo this week, what happened...everyday just gets better. My district and the other district that came the same time as us have so much fun together! We are practicing "Come Thou Fount" to sing at our last devotional before we leave. We're like the mini motab (Mormon Tabernacle) choir, the elders sing so well.
I miss singing so much. I don't remember if I talked about this last time, but after deportes (sports) every night some of us hermanas have singing sessions in the showers because they're all right next to each other haha. It sounds so legit, I can't even...man I just love music. It fills my soul with the spirit faster than almost anything.
Sundays are so good here! Yesterday was a great day for me. I was thinking how we have to be spiritually fed in order to spiritually feed others. They taught us about how to teach with the Book of Mormon and gain a personal conversion of it before we teach others.
Que mas. The rain has been CRAZY! You don't know a rainstorm until you come to Guatemala and I heard El Salvador gets way worse. We walked outside for a second and I was soaked. The rain is just so gordo (fat). But it's also sooo beautiful. Our teachers have some ridiculous stories about their missions in the rain...can't waiiiitt.
Oh, also something super great that happened this week...I taught the law of chastity on the spot. My comp and I were planning on teaching E, our investigator, about keeping the Sabbath day holy but then he kept talking about how his crazy girlfriend wanted to move in with him so we had no choice but to talk about it. It's awkward enough in English let alone trying to explain it in Spanish. Our teacher thought it was funny...I will one day. Haha but it actually wasn't that bad. I was just taken by surprise so it was awk. First time I've ever blushed I think haha.
The latinas are leaving again this week and then we'll get new ones. I miss them already. That's the worst part about being here for 6 weeks. All the latinas come and go after 2 weeks and we become best friends and then suddenly they're gone. Its' so triste (sad). But todo esta bien (all is well). Some of the latina hermanas told me I was coqueta this week and they didn't know the english word for it so I asked my teacher what it meant and he said it meant flirty and I was so confused so when I told them they said it didn't translate as flirty with boys but like cute and girly so I don't hate the word anymore haha.
Okay, as always I have a million language mistakes that were comico (funny) this week. This is my favorite one:
Talking to Hermana Aranda and Hermana Torres
Yo (Me): "Si me encanta cuando mi tío me hace croquetas" (Yeah I love when my uncle makes me croquettes)
Hermana Torres: Cracking up "Le gusta con leche tambien?" (Do you like it with milk too?)
Yo: "Nooo por que?" (Nooo why?)
Hermana Torres: "Dije dogfood, Hermana" (You just said dogfood, Hermana)
Yo: "Oh..." (of course I did...) (I just looked it up and croquetas is a colloquial term for dog food in Central America, but it does actually mean croquettes too! Haha still hilarious, poor Nicki.)
Alright guys, my times up. I love spanish. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I love the prophet Thomas S. Monson and I love this evangelio con todo mi corazon (I love this Gospel with all my heart)

Con amor, 
Hermana Infanzon



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