Week 7 - In the field!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Ok, sorry for the disappearance! The computers in the MTC weren't working during my last week and we didn't have time to write when we arrived here in El Salvador so I've been dying to talk to you all! And finally, here I am.
And I don't know what to say, haha.
Well we took a nice bus ride to El Salvador and I cried the whole way there cuz I missed all my good friends in the MTC. Nooo, I didn't really cry the whole way but I've never hated goodbyes until I started my mission. Now I'm a baby when it comes to goodbyes. I cried so much when I left my teacher, and then the MTC, and then my district, and then my companion. BUT! We're in the same zone here in El Salvador so I get to see her a lot still and Elder Warnick from my MTC district too, so it's great to see their familiar faces.
Ok so the change was huge this week because they were splitting the missions. A lot of missionaries were really sad and crying cuz they had to say bye to a lot of missionaries. And I'm over here all excited for the work and we're singing "God Be With You Til We Meet Again" the first day I arrived. It was un poco (a little) random but all good haha.
So they had this huge screen with all of our faces and it showed our companion and area. I was like one of the last ones of course...but it's all good haha. So I'm actually not in San Salvador, strangely. Right now I'm serving in...
ILOPANGO LAS ARBOLEDAS! Apparently it's a tinyyyy area but I wouldn't know since it's my first. Also, they transferred both the hermanas in this area before to the other mission so it's a new area for me and my companion.
Sooo my companion is from the Dominican Republic! My faveeee. Her name is Hermana Dumay. I'm so sorry but I forgot my cord to send the pictures this week haha...so you can see our faces next week! She's a great trainer. We've been helping each other learn our own languages. We speak english in the house (a tiny bit since she just started learning) and spanish out of the house. My space is much bigger haha, but it's all good since I'm kinda surrounded by spanish 24/7.
The first few days were a little rough for me since I couldn't understand everything people were saying and I didn't know anyone, the both of us didn't know the area, and there aren't many investigators in this area. Also, I never knew what was going on! When my companion walked, I walked, when she talked, I talked. I like to lead and not follow, and it was bugging me that I couldn't take charge in anything. All my excitement I gained from the MTC was gone. I felt defeated and exhausted after the first 3 days. I hated our house, I hated that we never had time to do anything for ourselves, and I hated that no one would listen to us. If I'm being honest, I didn't think I would be able to do this. I wanted to go home to everything that I KNEW and that I LOVED. I couldn't talk to anyone about my struggles except my companion and I felt bad throwing all my issues on her. She was working so hard to get us appointments and find people to teach. It was difficult for me, I can't lie.
BUT. I prayed. I kept on going. Heavenly Father softened my heart. I gained a testimony on having faith even when I couldn't see the blessings yet. I know He was watching over me those 3 days, I was just being stubborn and needed to learn humility and patience. I realized I needed to have hope and on day 4, there was a turn around. We finally had an investigator and taught a lesson. I started to understand people better and gain a sense of what was going on haha. I was happier AND ready to work. It feels like I've been here for a lifetime but in reality I haven't even been here a week. I've grown and changed so much, I can't imagine how much I'm going to grow in 18 months.
I know my purpose here is to invite others to come unto Christ. He's not asking me to do anything else but that. I have a much more willing and open heart. The people we teach live in extremely poor circumstances. I come home to our little apartment now grateful for the blessings. I have more of a desire to think of my investigators and less of myself (this is a work in progress, but I'm learning) and I'm meeting great people.
Alright I have to go in 2 mins, but I want you all to know I love you sooo much and miss you like crazy!
Happy belated birthday to my dear sisters Kayla and Casey! 12 and 24 woot woot!
I'm so happy you got to go through the temple Keeks! What a great experience.
I've never been more grateful for all of you in my life. I have amazing family and friends.
I pray for you always and I hope you know I'm happy because I'm doing what Heavenly Father wants me to do. I'm learning to be a follower of his will.
Hermana Infanzon


  1. love you sis and miss you dearly so happy everything is working for you, at times things might be a little hard but i have faith and i know that your going to ROCK el Salvador your an amazing person with a STRONG testimony I LOVE YOU and keep it up Manita


  2. Sis. Infanzon,
    What an amazing woman you are! You are in our prayers. (I would love to share your letter with the YW. Let me know if that would be ok.)
    Sis. Ogden


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