Week 11

Monday, July 29, 2013

How is it already almost August? Bueno, time flies when you're having fun! And I'm having lots of fun. I had my first real baptism on Saturday! It was for Y, the sweetest 14 yr old in the world. She's the first in her family to get baptized and we're hoping the rest follow her example. She was definitely ready to hear and accept the gospel in her life. She wants to serve a mission! I just love her. The baptism was great. Lots of members came to support her. It was a little awkward cuz she wanted our ward mission leader to baptize her and he's a lot smaller than her, so it took 3 times until it worked, but who cares! She's baptized! And her cousin M has her baptism this Saturday.

It's crazy how all of our investigators that are progressing are youth. But it makes sense because they're the future in the Lord's work and he's preparing his children much younger now. Yesterday at church we had 8 ward missionaries called to help us with all the work we're doing here in Las Arboledas, and 5 of them were youth.

We have a new investigator, E, who is so funny! He's always making jokes with us and acts like my dad. He hates that I crack my knuckles and also chastises me about it, just like dad does to me haha. He's had a lot of struggles in his life. He has 2 daughters in Guatemala (he was born there) but he can't visit them because he's not allowed in Guatemala. Something crazy happened with his daughter and some man. I don't understand the full story but all I know is that he macheted the guy in the back and now he's paralyzed so he can't return to the country. He lives alone and feels like he can't be forgiven for his sin. I have bastante esperanza (lots of hope) for him! He's an amazing guy.

Oh my gosh, and he lives in this crazy weird area where all the bolos (drunks/bums?) live. We're not allowed to teach him after 5 pm anymore because last time we left it was kinda dark and there were a bunch of drunks. They fall like flies on the pasaje (street) when they're really drunk. I almost stepped on a drunk guy as we were leaving! It was actually really funny. I know mom won't think it is...but I swear we're protected and we don't go there at night anymore. Anyway...

We're teaching this family who's really great. V and E. They're really amable (friendly) and love to talk with us. Pray for them that they'll accept the gospel in their lives!

S has been having problems this week. Her job is really difficult and some delinquent robbed their house. She's had to work every Sunday lately and seems kinda depressed. I hope we are able to meet with her this week and help her out.

Oh hey, guess what? I'm in a trio now! Cambios (transfers) this past week were crazy. The mission was cut in half when I got here and now a bunch of missionaries are coming and there's nowhere to put them! So my other companion is Hermana Walstrohm from Peru. Her name is so gringo but she's not at all haha. She's the sweetest most humble person ever and Hermana Dumay is a fireball so together we're an awesome mix! We all have our different strengths and weaknesses.


Shan and Kayla, have so much fun at Girls' Camp! You know how much I love it and I'm hecka jealous haha but it's so going to be so fun! And it's your first time Kayla! Think of me when you sing "Walk Tall You're a Daughter", it's my favorite! The YW sang it at the baptism in Spanish. I almost died when they started singing because that song has a tender place in my heart.

Kyra! Awesome job with your farewell talk. I'm sure it was amazing. 2 more weeks mi amor!

Mads! I got your invite last monday, everyone wanted to look at it and said it was really well done. I told them you did it cuz I know you got skills with that. And your wedding! I heard it was beautiful and that you were glowing. Felicitaciones (congratulations)!

Erin! Feliz cumpleanos mi amiga! Te amo!

Casey! Have your freaking baby already. I'm dyinggg (NO, I'm dying! He's heavy and it's hot outside). But I'm sure you're anxious too haha. I secretly hope he's born on July 31st so he has the same birthday as Harry Potter...sorry not sorry (I secretly wish that too, not ashamed of my nerdy-ness).

Mom and Dad! Just a shoutout of love. Casey sent me a pic of you guys and you both looked very guapo(a). Everyone said I look like you mama, but morena (brunette) ha.

Ok I have to go, I love you all! Remember to share the gospel with everyone!

Con amor,
Hermana Infanzon


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