Week 9

Monday, July 15, 2013


Well the work is still going here! How's everyone at home? It sounds like craziness with Kyra leaving and Brit moving and Casey waiting for her baby boy! And Kayla wearing makeup? And ashlin losing a tooth? Stop growing up please. Matt looks like a grizzly bear in that picture you sent of him and Ashlin haha. When did he grow all that facial hair? I think you're all trying to look older to weird me out, and it's working. I barely recognize you guys!

Well as per usual, I have like 2 minutes to write. So I'll just tell you that we're working hard and seeing results. We have 8 baptisms set for this month.

And this week we met S! She came to sacrament meeting and cried from the spirit she felt. She turned to me during it and said "How many years do I need to wait to be a member?" Of course I told her she could be a member much sooner haha.

Basically she's perfect. I love her. And we found her on a hard day when all of our appts fell through.
I know the Lord has a plan for his work and if we remain obedient we will see the fruits of our labors!

Well I'm sorry it was so short this week, but we have lots to do!

Oh btw (translation for dad: btw = by the way) I climbed a mountain last week! It was awesomeee! I miss hiking the Y haha.

Hermana Infanzon


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