Week 10

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hola de El Salvador!

Okay so this week was pretty awesome. Nothing too new, just getting in the swing of things here. Everyday we get up at 6:30 and workout. Then we study for 4 HOURS, eat lunch, and peace out for the day. We walk pretty much always but sometimes we use the bus. You know the knight bus in Harry Potter 3? Well it exists. Here in El Salvador. Its craaaazy.

We always eat at this comedor (restaurant) down the street from our apartment. Theres this girl who works there, N, who I just LOVE. She's only 17 and works all day, every day. It surprises me how many young men and women here work full time jobs so young. But they need to to get by, I guess. It makes me grateful for the opportunity to receive an education at BYU. I have high hopes for N but she never has time to take the lessons so we'll seeee!

S is doing great! Her baptism is set for the 10th of August. She loves reading the Book of Mormon, it's legit.

So the L Family still has issues with drinking coffee so we have to push their baptismal date. The only one who hasn't drunk coffee is Y so her baptism is this Saturday! She's awesome. Only 14 years old but she is definitely the example for her family. She has felt the Spirit so strong and KNOWS that this is true. She comes to church every Sunday!

Oh gosh, getting our investigators to church is tan dificil (so hard) because we have it at 8 in the morning and no one ever wants to get up early to go. So that's something we've been working on with them, haha. 

Oh so we have changes this Tuesday! It's going to be loco. I'M GONNA BE IN A TRIO WITH HERMANA FOSTER! We have more sisters coming in than we have room for in the mission and so we're basically all gonna be in trios. Some sisters have to train 2 new hermanas! It's crazy scary for them but crazy cool. We have amazing sisters and I know they're ready. Also, once my training is over I'm gonna be training, President said. Ayy I hope I'm ready! It's really soon! Usually people train after like 6 months in the mission.

We had a Conferencia de Hermanas this week! It was awesome. I love love LOOOVE the President's wife. She's the cutest, sweetest person I've ever met. We sent messages of hope in balloons and sent them to the world! It was precious. The view at the President's house is of San Salvador. It's gorgeous.

Anyway that's pretty much it! Thanks for all your support! Love you all!

Con amor,
Hermana Infanzon

Pictures from the Conferencia de Hermanas! Nicki's words:

 "It was hecka luxurious for us cuz life is nothing like that at our casas but the prez and his wife treat us well haha."

This is probably what Nicki meant when she said "luxurious", she loves chocolate!

Sending notes of hope and love to the world!


  1. I was wondering what she meant by sending messages in balloons until I saw the pics. Cute! Nicki is awesome.


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