Week 12

Monday, August 5, 2013

First things first.

BIENVENIDOS AL MUNDO NATHANNN!!! (Welcome to the world, Nathan!)
Mi sobrino precioso, ya te amo! (My precious nephew, I love you!)

Por fin (finally), he's been born! I'm so excited to hear everything, how it all went, and why it took him so long to get here! Haha. But seriously...
Felicitaciones (Congratulations) Casey & Matt! I'm so happy for you guys.

Okay, so this week in all honesty was chafa (I think this translates to "cheap" or "this week stunk" as we say). We had a Casa Abierta (open house) and almost no investigators came. We had bastante (quite a bit of) appointments fall and not many new investigators. The investigators that were progressing, fell off the face of the Earth. There was a lot of walking this week from place to place. And un monton de (a lot of) rain. We were supposed to have a baptism this Saturday for M, the prima de (cousin of) J, but it didn't happen. The baptistry was all set up, the members were waiting, and the font was full. But when we went to her house to pick her up no one was home except for her aunt. She told us that they left and she didn't know where they went. Confused, we returned to the chapel to talk to the bishop and call them (our mission is very viejo (old-fashioned). We don't have phones, microwaves, or any normal people stuff. I feel like I'm living in the past sometimes). When we called no one answered. After a little while, we returned to their place to see if they came back. Only her aunt was there but this time she says to us "Oh, no puedo mentir" (I can't lie) and told us that they went to the country fair. It's vacation for everyone right now, and there's this HUGE fair that the whole world goes to, apparently. And supposedly it's more important than salvation. Haha no I'm kidding, but we were really surprised! She was really excited the night before and we did not expect this. Hey, but everything is in the Lord's plan! I was disappointed in M for flailing on her baptism, but at the end of the day, I know it's all good. She definitely wants to be baptized and so we're gonna work with her on having the baptism next week. Vamos a ver (We'll see)! Even with this difficult week, I am more than happy. I don't doubt that the Lord has a plan for every one of His children. And I have faith that everything happens for a reason. He never leaves us solo (alone). And we can ALWAYS find blessings in our hard times.

One blessing is that we found a really positive family! I was talking to the husband in the street and he allowed us to visit his family and share our message. So we went yesterday. He wasn't there but his wife and daughter were. They are extremely kind and amable (friendly)! There names are W, J, and C. Their daughter is 24 and so sweet! I love her. She sells kitchen supplies with her mom. The Spirit was very present when we taught them, and J said that they attend a church but when they go, they feel like they're missing something. And the husband said that if they felt a church was right, they will be baptized. We're going to teach them again on Saturday, please pray for this family! The family G-A, they are awesome and totally prepared by Heavenly Father!

Okay. Sorry mom. But I have a CRAZY weather story that I have to share. I'm in all pieces (I think she means "I'm all in one piece"), though, no preocupadas (don't worry). So 2 nights ago we were leaving a lesson and I looked up to see this GIGANTIC black cloud brooming (looming? haha she's forgetting English!) over us. It looked like it was literally chasing us, it was so fast. I freaked out and was like "Mire! Mire!" (look! look!) to Hermana Dumay and Hermana Walstrohm. And we booked it! Haha. But we didn't know where to go! Our next appointment was way lejos (away) and we knew it was too dangerous to go in this weather, so we headed toward our casa and tried to contact a couple people. No one was home, of course. The rain was sooo strong and the wind was stronger than I'd ever felt it here. It was like we were literally in a hurricane. Then we saw this woman with her 2 kids hiding under a bus stop without umbrellas so we helped them to their house, and I gave the little girl my umbrella. So I was SOAKED head to toe. Stranded in El Salvador in the middle of a thunderstorm...and then I remembered the familia G lived close to where we were so we headed to their house. It was the greatest sight to see Hermana G making homemade pizza and hot chocolate. She quickly let us in and fed us the best pizza I've ever tasted (it's really good with quesito) and we talked about her mission. She served here too, and told us what changed and what was the same. A lot is the same, apparently. Just another reason why the members are a huge blessing to missionaries!

Random funny stories. 

We went to M's house to have her interview with the district leader and Elder Warnick (from my CCM district and from Utah) is his companion so he joined our NDH (Noche de Hogar or FHE) while Elder Vasquez did the interview. M's aunt randomly walks in and said she was talking to her sister who lives in California and who wanted to talk to the Americans. So she gave the phone to Elder Warnick and he awkwardly held a conversation with her for 5 minutes and only I could understand what was going on. Everyone else was just watching, confused. Then she said, "Now the girl", and he handed the phone to me. I don't even remember what we talked about, her English vocabulary was very strange. But it was a really awkward/funny moment.

I made empenadas! One of our investigators wife has a tienda (shop) in front of the house and I helped her make empenadas. Everyone wanted to watch the gringa (white girl) cook and, being me, I wasn't very good at it and they all thought it was funny. I did, too. And it was fun! I'll keep practicing so I can show you my skills when I return.

The O family, who are members, have the CUTEST puppy in the world who is my very best friend. And the other day we were visiting them and he was there so I said, "Donde esta el chuchito" (Where is the puppy?) and the youngest son said he was "escondio" in Spanish which means hidden but what I heard was "con Dios" (with God) and I started freaking out, "el es con Dios?! que paso?" (he's with God?! what happened?!) and then they explained to me what he really said. We had a good laugh at that one. After my heart broke! But it's all good, he's alive and as precious as ever.

Anyway, I must return to my crazy awesome life, so until next week!

KYRA- You're leaving on Tuesday!! How exciting! I can't wait to get your feedback on the MTC and how loco it is there.

SHANNON AND KAYLA- I expect an essay on Girls Camp for next week. That is all.

CASEY AND MATT- Congrats again on bringing the first baby of Generation 3! He's the cutest baby in the world. I want a mountain of pictures sent to me, por favorrr!


Hermana Infanzon


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