Week 21

Monday, October 7, 2013

This was such a great weekend because it was conference! Thanks for thinking of me family! I was obsessing about conference all week before it came and the night before I couldn't sleep I was so excited! And when the weekend finally arrived I was all ears. I received soo much help from the things said! I know we all did. Especially from President Monson's talk. He is a great example of strength through trials. To be honest, our week was tough. As a companionship we lost a little unity, but the conference kinda struck us into humility and I haven't been feeling one bit of discord or discouragement since! The Lord loves us. That I know more than ever.

I have relied a bunch on the lord to pull me through some tough times and the faith I put in my prayers was the faith that saw results. Really if I'm being honest, I've never felt so overwhelmed in my life, but at the same time never so peaceful and sure of what I'm doing. But the supplication that we bring to our Father in Heaven is always heard. I encourage you all to pray every single night and morning, on your knees, and say out loud the desires of your heart, and I can promise followed peace and comfort from a loving Savior. Search and find. He is the way and the light. The light that I have, truly comes from Him.

I was telling Aunt Laura how the talk by Elder Christofferson really hit me and how I thought of all the good influence of the women in my life. The faith that you have truly does grace you so naturally it's like you don't even notice it. Don't sweat the temporal things, they're not worth the stress. All that matters in this life is being close to the Lord, so I encourage you to take action and make any changes you need to in order to have personal prayer, scripture study, and family prayer/scripture study everyday. This is the MOST important advice I can give anyone with struggles. It really is my anchor through this challenging but rewarding time in my life.

About the governement, that's so funny about the article! And too true. The church should run it haha

I'm a terrible person because I never leave time to write more about my week so I'm gonna try to make notes throughout the week to be better!

I love you alllll!

Con amor, 

Hermana Infanzon


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