Week 23

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hola from the trees of Arboledas!

Still here in my hometown. And I have 2 new daughters! My family is growing very fast in the mission. My other children, Hermana Broadhead and Hermana Martinez se fueron with madrastos (went with ?). My CCM comp Hermana Foster stole my daughter Hermana Broadhead from me, now she is her stepmother. But I know she will take good care of her :) My 2 new chillen are Hermana Romero and Castro. Hermana Romero is really Hermana Baratta from Boston but they changed her name because it means cheap in Spanish (how secret agent is that?) and Hermana Castro is from Nicaragua and Hermana Romero is 20. They're both so awesome! It's been a great week training them, they adjusted well to the lifestyle changes and are getting right into the work with me! They talk to everyone, I love it.

This cambio (transfer) was pretty big because we have received a new calling. The President has called us and some other missionaries to be missionaries of de liderazgo and rescate. Which means rescue leadership missionaries. It's kind of a test drive right now that the prophet has put into action (I think in all the missions? I'm not sure.) But it has been an answer to my prayers. We have a focus on less actives now, so we are still going to teach and baptize investigators, but our main work is going to be to reactivate. We have already seen results! We had 3 inactives come back to church yesterday that hadn't been for almost a year. One of them brought his nonmember girlfriend, we taught her for the first time yesterday, and she has a baptismal date in November. M is so excited and prepared for baptism, and we never would have found her if we didn't visit her boyfriend R and invite him back to the fold. It was a very fulfilling week for me. I have felt the love of Christ for all of his sheep, even the lost ones. He never forgets his children and we shouldn't either. I encourage every one of you to think of someone who hasn't been to church for a while. Pray for them tonight, write them a note, give them a call, and invite them to return. The Atonement gives us this chance to become a new person, no one is excluded from this.

S is doing well and is preparing for her baptism on the 1st of November (she was going to have it on the 2nd but we changed it because it's the Day of the Dead and she didn't want to remember her baptism on that date haha)

We have some new investigators, A and E who are very interested in the church. We also met P this week. All of them we felt to teach Lesson 2, The Plan of Salvation, and they received it really well. One of my favorite things to teach is that we lived with our Father in Heaven before we came to earth, that we accepted His plan to come here, and that He knows every one of us by name. The light that comes to their eyes makes me know that this wasn't new knowledge, but a reminder of who we are. We are children of a loving Heavenly Father, who has given us His son Jesus Christ to prepare the way to eternal joy and happiness with our families. How great is this knowledge! I hope there is no one in your social circle that is not aware of this beautiful truth! Share with the world the truth of the gospel. Please, they need to hear it. Sharing the gospel has been such a source of happiness for me. If you need the Spirit with you more, if there are problems festering in your hearts or homes, I promise they would resolve themselves through the blessings that come from accepting the call that God has given each of us to be missionaries.

Serving as God has instructed us in these latter days need not be difficult  It doesn't require power, it gives us power! The savior, the greatest teacher, has shown us how to do it. Study his parables and put into action the principles found. The work of salvation is given to every man if we learn how to do it in ways that mirror the mind and the ways of the Lord.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways" (Isaiah 55:8)

Con amor, 
Hermana Infanzon


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