Week 26

Monday, November 11, 2013

It's been a good week! We have found a lot of new investigators and so we've been testifying a lot about The Restoration. I had a really powerful experience while watching the video with a new family on the power of prayer. The example that Joseph Smith gives us is so simple but so powerful. When we pray with pure intention and true desire to know something from God, He is BOUND to give us an answer.

We had Stake Conference yesterday, it was amazing! Our mission president, the temple president, and the stake president gave great talks! I am so grateful for my Church leaders here. They are so inspiring. They spoke a lot on standing in holy places and how we don't need to be in the temple to be in a holy place. We can be in a holy place wherever we stand if we always have the Spirit with us.

People are always telling us to be careful and safe and I really understand them and we are always being careful but something that's so hard to explain is that I truly feel safe. I feel like there is a literal bubble around the 3 of us and that we are being protected by the Spirit and by our own personal angels.

A and E came to Stake Conference and they really liked it. A reminds me of dad a little in his mannerisms and way of talking, and the relationship E has with him is similar to dad's and mine, so they are really special to me. A will be baptized this month and we are very excited for him.

We had a death in the ward this week. Hermana R lived in our pasaje (street/alleyway) and passed away. She was a cocinera (cook) for missionaries for years. The ward has really come together to support the L family and we have had many service opportunities to help them out.

Well, thats all! Love you bunches and I'll talk to you next week!

Challenge: Talk to one person about the gospel this week! Just one! And then pray for them. 

Con amor,
Hermana Infanzon

Nicki learning to make pupusas!


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